14 years old alone into Silicon Valley, he developed browser subversion Microsoft detonated an inter

Internet hegemony for the first time

story began in the 90s of last century, when people just had "Internet" demand and lack of software. In 1994, Netscape Co, specializing in browsers, was born, and the universal and smooth internet tool quickly opened up the market. Less than 1 years, Netscape listing, the day shares soared 2.6 times. People have been, from praise to Microsoft become optimistic about netscape.


people are not in Silicon Valley. You can’t miss an American drama called "Silicon Valley" in the immersion technology circle. Why do you say that? Because it was highly restored from the first episode. How did startups start from the garage, how to step on all kinds of pits, and kept the insiders shouting, "this is a documentary!"

A who has always insisted the site down, the site is now an annual cost of space for 45 yuan, 45 yuan a total of 90 yuan for domain name renewal, stable monthly income brought him sanwubo, or occasionally sell some valuable tutorial software, a small fortune, you can easily earn work. Do not earn much, but insist on doing the site down, and now you can easily have income.

people love the "Silicon Valley" to take a joke, even TechCrunch, were recorded in the database only in the "Pied Piper company Pied Piper". Today we are the protagonist of the story "Blake ·"; Ross is no exception, in the second quarter of last year, "Silicon Valley" after the end, he even do it yourself to write a new episode of a written script, and received a flood of praise.

let others experience to tell you, Mr. A, just contact Wangzhuan is from the click, vote, do the investigation started, the results alone, as can be imagined, hard can not earn much money. So I told him, you do this kind of project, there must be a lot of this kind of website, as you do a click Wangzhuan promotion website, one can develop offline, two can be through the web site to make money, in my persuasion, he decided to do the site in the E Wangzhuan school ewz888.cn the study site, and then spend 46 yuan to build a website space domain name of 45 yuan of CN 1 yuan, do click on the site, add some comments recommended, on the line, and then do some promotional push to expand the work, insist on, IP on his website in 300, the development of effective line more than 60.



              website advertising sold 5 5 yuan, a 30 yuan of substantial advertising, selling 3 links, plus the referral commission income, a month income is stable at more than 200, in addition, most of the hit station the crowd is a novice, can promote Wangzhuan tutorial and software to these people, so he is popular on the station, when to pay, not to mention now, into gold advertising advertising, started selling is cool "using space day to earn 30 yuan to 10 yuan," video tutorial also say, really give him sell several hundred dollars, then Taobao sold this tutorial up, 5 yuan, 3 yuan, 1 yuan, finally free of charge, this tutorial also lost effect.

at first, Gates also want to send under the command of Netscape revenue, to negotiate, want to inject capital, into the board of directors, did not expect Netscape not to do, the whole program was empty. As a result, he turned to engineers to develop browsers to make IE, followed by ignoring antitrust laws, bundled IE to sell computers to seize the market; and focus on iterative version of IE, firepower for netscape.

also keep up with the original Netscape Microsoft rhythm, then show lack of entrepreneurial company engineers, hopelessly outnumbered the decline. Unlike IE, which only develops free Windows versions, Netscape has to publish paid windows and Ma> at the same time


1994 Netscape browser


new friends always love to ask how to do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan? Can not make money? How much? Of course, Wangzhuan can make money, how much, depends on his ability and execution, some earn points, some earn one hundred or even ten thousand or more, as to how to do, it is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea recount., and I think it is universally applicable, to make money through the network, no more than two words: stick to.

B Jun, keen on how to make the number of days, people often buy a tutorial, dream of one day can earn how much, what hang make 50, two station brush each day to earn one hundred yuan, automatically click advertising day to earn one hundred yuan, brush on shlf1314 search make $50 and so on, have a tutorial, but how good? Make a hair his words, those tutorials either fail, or see the light of death has been blocked, or difficult to operate, or he had the patience to do, or not. Later, he attended what Baba asked for

Gates, the beginning did not care, but with the Netscape thunder Sheng gradually, he realized that if they do not pay attention, may miss the huge traffic entrance, and Microsoft’s operating system will always be subject to the "internet".

of course, writing plays is not Ross’s main job. He is more widely known as the founder of firefox. However, you should have difficulty linking the big boy in the photos below to the nightmare of Microsoft once.

says Ross and Firefox, you’ll have to learn about the first war in Internet history: Netscape and Microsoft’s spectacular browser wars.

IE1.0 Version similarity approximation, pixel level……

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