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if the University entrepreneur has less illusions, he will lose his motivation

feels like he’s a chosen child, thinks his project is about to change the world, and everyone goes through a period like this. Just like adolescence, everyone has it. Some people come especially late, but some people come in early breath of youth. The author is coming relatively early, this type, high school has experienced the "sink" and "float", see those university children rush to follow the trend of entrepreneurship, as if to see their own.

Yu Minhong said: "whether or not to encourage college students to start an undertaking, I think we should look at it rationally.". A person without a business experience it is a very regrettable thing, but now the situation is facing the difficult problem of employment of university students, we encourage college students to entrepreneurship are hard, this is actually a problem. Most of the children now are only children, the ability to get along with people, for the industry’s understanding, tolerance and so on are immature, in the face of entrepreneurial environment, college students’ life experience is not enough."

undergraduate entrepreneurship and failure peer


students not only have not enough experience in life, but also lack in the resources, connections, funds, industry experience and the cognition of the business model. Although many students now feel that entrepreneurship is a very good way to get rich and famous, but entrepreneurship is often not as easy as imagined, and most people will end up in failure.

young should learn more

reported failures many articles, but still worth but double push, not stopping those few entrepreneurial success stories occupy a major media layout, full of people’s eyes. Any time need some spiritual leader and symbol of the story, or to those full of enthusiasm and vitality of the college students extremely excited

    keyword global planning purposes:

1, the construction of more efficient website;

2, the search engine optimization direction;

3, fully understand the market and competition situation;

4, conducive to the development of the transformation goals and budget bidding;

1, audio products of domestic automobile brand market share by the beginning of 2005 10% to the current 35% quickly, currently has more than 30% independent brand car audio;

2, corporate profits fell to the vehicle car audio industry to bring pressure and opportunities. The whole car industry’s price reduction storm swept across the country, and the car audio industry began to withstand the pressure from the overall supply chain of the car, but also brought more opportunities and challenges;

3, Chinese car audio market trend: the growth speed, large market potential. As the global car buying and selling boom begins to shift to the Chinese market, the market potential of China’s car audio is also very large. In 2005, China’s auto audio products sold at about 5 billion yuan, an increase of 20%;

4, the retail market China car audio potential, there will be rapid development this year. Foreign car audio market after the installed capacity of more than 70%, while China is only about 10%, many large foreign car audio manufacturers are very attached to the aftermarket;

Thinking of network marketing

2, network marketing is still the ultimate goal of marketing, combined with the status quo of Chinese car audio industry, find their own positioning and starting point, let the network marketing the overall marketing strategy consistent with the enterprise;

3, network advertisement is the battle for eyeballs, search engine marketing is the battle for customers; planning for car audio keywords global enterprises to do the search engine marketing is the key;

4, car audio companies target customer groups mainly by pre installed market customers and aftermarket customers – before market customers are all over the car audio market, but personally think that this is not the focus of network marketing, because before market development is a huge and systematic project network marketing, alone is not enough; after market.

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

China was born 8 companies per minute. In 2013, the national company’s "mortality rate" was 90.6%, while the failure rate for college students was as high as 95%. On the other side of the success is a single plank bridge. College students with high enthusiasm are easily fooled. Now students are the entrepreneurial ideal, blindly follow the trend of entrepreneurship are doomed to be fodder.

business is a accumulate steadily thing, young or should learn more. When those young people talk about the business models that are powerful and unconstrained, they want to subvert Ma and Zuckerberg. Even if you found the factual basis to contradict him, can only add to his wild and intractable. Just as the younger generation advised the old not to buy health care products that were supposed to have magical effects, they didn’t use it at all. Young people at this time, as if the world at their feet, and you talk about this project, just to this second, tell you, the next second, he will change the world. I don’t feel any problem at all, I think I’m right.

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