Bondservants Mason cash of nearly 200 million fellow uncle has become the new content of enterprise


Abstract: the valuation of 300 million to fellow uncle Legg Mason culture is a successful, whether the content of entrepreneurs cash, or a Legg Mason culture not worth trading, the careful inventory of the fellow uncle’s business empire, opened a corner behind the business case of the iceberg.

Tencent shares public comment, so that the giant’s local life O2O once again stand in the spotlight. As an old enemy, Ali could not be unmoved. From the current point of view, Juhuasuan, the United States mission has been unable to support the O2O task of Ali, the recent high-profile slightly Amoy little takeaway and counter subsidy through planning activities, can withstand the banner still need to see the market reaction. But the giant fighting, small entrepreneurial team in a trip is a good choice.

The core of IP How does

fellow uncle: since the end of the first half net profit of 6 million 170 thousand business valuation of 300 million


1. distribution service industry at this stage is to complete the industrialization rather than informatization, that is to form economies of scale in order to ensure high efficiency and low cost. Therefore, the distribution area division, Mr. Feng equipped, a certain order of pressure guarantee, rapid replication, and so on, is very test team ability.

3. ensure service quality in the case of outsourcing?. And self built distribution team is different, Mr. Feng this way is equivalent to a distribution crowdsourcing concept, the quality of service needs to rely on the establishment of reward and punishment mechanism to perform. In the distribution industry where the user experience is not good, relying solely on a mechanism is obviously unable to guarantee the quality of service, and needs to set standards from more dimensions.

but at the same time, his uncle sold 300 million valuation Legg Mason is a successful culture, whether the content of entrepreneurs cash, or a cost-effective Legg Mason cultural entertainment business, the unicorn careful inventory of the fellow uncle’s business empire, opened a corner behind the business case of the iceberg.

entrepreneurs want to solve this pain point, it is bound to encounter a series of problems:

It is reported that

December 8th, A shares of listed companies Limited by Share Ltd Legg Mason cultural creative hereinafter referred to as the "Legg Mason culture" issued equity, acquisition of uncle and fellow Legg Mason culture 4 investment institutions to 217 million yuan Beijing Sequoia Sindh equity investment center limited partnership, the West Province Oriental Science and technology venture investment center limited partnership, Shenzhen City Oriental Fucheng equity investment fund partnership, limited partnership, Ningbo Mingqiao Cci Capital Ltd held by Shenzhen City fellow uncle Culture Communication Co. Ltd. hereinafter referred to as the "fellow culture" 72.5% of the shares.

its contents in the field of fellow uncle, is the constellation culture the whole network’s micro-blog account, WeChat is also the first female network subscription number, account content involves all fields of constellation, animation, entertainment, fun, female, creativity etc.. According to Qing Bo data, the latest week of November 26, 2016 released data, "fellow uncle" ranked "net red"

4. takeaway due to the traffic, and Amoy little push, priority entry is feasible. However, the problem is how to expand the competitors’ sites, and the order of market startup and the standardization of expansion methods are the problems that need to be solved urgently.

everyone knows O2O is the big trend, the last mile delivery is the opportunity. In the long run, regional and local life O2O electricity supplier community is a new format, but the current situation, how to bring the costs down, the service made up, it is a pressing matter of the moment to achieve more purchasing and distribution, otherwise everything is empty talk on the theory.

according to public information, comrade founder Cai Yuedong after the completion of the transaction, the fellow culture holdings from the original holdings of 72% to 12.5%. On the basis of 217 million yuan acquisition of Legg Mason culture 72.5% equity ratio conversion, the overall valuation of about 300 million common culture, and Cai Yuedong’s 178 million yuan in cash. 4 investment institutions, star Huang Xiaoming’s investment company, overseas Chinese investment has successfully realized 6 million yuan to withdraw.

, as a fellow of cultural constellation culture as the core of the pan entertainment group, which owns Tao Zi, fellow, fellow media life pictures and other subsidiaries, operates IP media operators, content development and operation, mainly to micro-blog account, WeChat public number of fans for the bottom layer to the foundation, content, advertising, business IP, authorization, derivatives and other related pan entertainment industry extension.

uncle comrade is undoubtedly the envy of content entrepreneurs, he set a record of the realization of the content of the business.


the last mile distribution problem is the electricity supplier and O2O pain, pain is the cost and user experience! Distribution member belongs to the labor-intensive industries, with the disappearance of the demographic dividend, more and more high labor costs, and customer price is low, resulting in gross profit distribution fee swallowed. At the same time, because it is difficult to accurately predict the arrival time point, the user experience is difficult to do well – – and because of the problem of order consolidation and improper line planning, it is likely that the larger the order, the worse the experience.

2. have enough income guarantee?. Businesses are currently more low-end businesses, Maori limited, resulting in their limited capacity to make concessions, so businesses are willing to let us play together, together to form a benign ecosystem is still to be seen.

this acquisition is undoubtedly the largest amount of cash in the current field of content realisation, a success case from the end of the content to become realizable, is regarded as a model of content entrepreneurs.

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