When someone asks you why you’re still in the north, answer him!The era of vertical web sites

the sun was so hot in July that you asked for directions basically by 12580. Every weekend to the Shanghai stadium recruitment meeting, met the sudden rainstorm, drenched, not a matter, every day rush and fear, I even diploma no who will,


lead: from October 8th onwards, Beijing bursts of haze, heavy air pollution, fog three yellow warning, is said to pull the curtains in the morning, Beijing’s small partners will think he was blind. Then someone opened the window and took a mouthful of dirt, and immediately decided to quit and leave here. The forever tangled problem, inexorably hangs on. again, with the same haze. Beijing, did you decide to come? Beijing, have you decided to go,

saw the problem on the phone, so he came to the computer and answered angrily because it was too deep. I guess I’ll write long. There was a lot of personal feelings in the middle, and the conclusion was in the end.

+ sinoi great wonders of company general manager Ceng Yu for the twenty-first Century creation of human beings and the Internet has shown great potential, which triggered a surge of online business activities. It can be said that as an independent economic form, the Internet economy has begun to take shape. Especially the success of the first batch of websites represented by Yahoo, AOL and Amazon symbolizes the tremendous myth created by the Internet and the great impact on human life.

and Yahoo at the same time regardless of their website, in which field, there is a characteristic that is like Yahoo, comprehensive information, abundant resources, wide coverage, but not in depth, therefore, can make these sites are called comprehensive website is the website level.


look at the following net friend’s personal experience.


a month later, I met my first supervisor at work. I lost my job and walked a kilometer on the job that day. I was sweating profusely when I found the interview company. The wet clothes, hair washed with sweat, heat could barely stand, he handed me a glass of water, then let me talk about SNS, estimated to be his poor I am, he said not to call to the boss of my graduation certificate, first look at work my performance.


know, some people ask: Why are many young people willing to go to the north, Guang Gong Gong, even if they have been unusually hard, away from their loved ones, still go back on duty,

I entered a very good domestic excellent Internet Co, although the salary is only 1800. But I do not mind the wire, the first time to participate in the meeting, there are a bunch of from the thunder, Alibaba, Tencent, sh419 colleagues, to know the position of the product manager, who is two years younger than I am, is the company from the grand hired, he would use Axure, will use mindmap, meeting quickly have the ability to extract the essence, clear product analysis. A thorough analysis of the Internet than me too much, met the regular army I understood for the first time, my previous Knowledge is infinite., showing the basic knowledge of entry are not even.

answer, male, in 2008, a three stream Xi’an private college graduation, carrying 2000 dollars, I bought a train ticket, came to Shanghai. There are no relatives, friends, or even because of skip class, then the school withheld my graduation certificate. My only reason to go to Shanghai is to love the internet. Here, I share a suite with 9 people sharing. A small room costs 650 yuan per month. The room only contained a bed and a notebook computer.

get up at 6:30 in the morning, squeeze the subway, in order to save, basically do not have lunch at noon. Others >


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