How do college students profit from bloggingCriticism of the two floor review of popcorn League beco

      3; although the money is not much, but still can do. Why is it worth doing when you don’t have much money? If you are not a * * *, then I and other opposition to your webmaster must be * * * *, and also want you to take out the popcorn League is worth doing. Did you compare with other league? Why do you think it’s worth doing?

      5, two floor at the beginning of the sentence "you this form where would be blocked, I think is enough to bluster, and usually with the customer contact detection alliance popcorn from the sound of feeling, he is not only a gunman, also is very likely the popcorn union people.

      since there are so many webmaster opposition voices, why not popcorn union official name to webmaster network pr?

2 building: you’ll be blocked everywhere in this form

of "popcorn Union became more and more trash" comments
1: support you, deduct the amount too serious

      website is the webmaster and water can carry a boat, can also capsize, I in the popcorn is only more than 100 League loss of money, if I stay up this article three continuous finishing can wake up like two floor of this station, and if we can change the attitude of the co owners of the popcorn alliance, I think it is worth!

      1; what kind of form do I see? If everybody’s website does not put advertisement, how can alliance live? Popcorn League K more than one of my family? Since other people’s stations are garbage, why do you start to cooperate with others?

I also belong to the rookie level characters, views can also be limited, be willing to communicate across, also hope ah.

. Blog is the red one, but the blog business model is not clear, earn a lot of money also so a few people, the queen family blog popularity we immeasurably ah

, here is not for example, not necessarily the other mass are applicable, depending on the field, we can have our different characteristics, we can find their own way in the actual construction, have our own professional characteristics, our own blog 1

two. The economic profit is the main blog advertising, now most of the Web2.0 website and also through advertising to profit, the real blog we need another way, it is also worth us to continue to explore.

three. Several suggestions on the blog:

1. updated frequently, of course, don’t force yourself to write, but there is a strong desire to write at the time of writing, let your paper convincing, this class we must finish checking, test several times.

2. some friends also love to write up, of course in life, at the beginning of the blog is mostly recording his own life, private diary open, recommend the two kinds of separate, for visitors, are interested in your life log will see your life log.

      cited "popcorn Union became more and more trash" : http://s.admin5/article/20071013/58562.shtml comment two is as follows: you this form where they will be closed, before the League did not blame the popcorn seal you does not mean you is no problem, I will do my popcorn alliance, although the money is not how much, but still can do.

      4; as of now, the other 6 comments did not support the two floor, so what I said was true.

      2; popcorn union didn’t seal you before. Doesn’t that mean you’re OK, so now that the popcorn League is sealed, I’m sure there’s a problem with my station? In your mind "popcorn" is NB, is the mobile phone, is the authority?

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