sh419 K station guest can go farOne month to join sh419 alliance success

webmaster can only endure in silence?sh419

brand products, shopping guide Station

do meager marketing

now guest most of the sites are all the same, and the station on the Internet a grasp of a lot, the user has not much attraction, so now do a category of products, such as skin care category, breast enhancement, losing weight, women’s clothing, shoes class, such a special shopping products that will look professional and meticulous, consumers have more trust, and a single product commission rate high, income is high. As long as you seriously do, will be the keyword ranking up, but also worry about no income!

Tao is very profitable, it is synonymous with "new era" Amoy off Taobao, "after the" Amoy era has said of an aged person since sh419 K Tao station after I called Amoy era the main reason is sh419, and Taobao’s competition leads to the innocent – Amoy sorrow, sh419 continues to ban Tao station, the original by tens of thousands of pages of sh419 K station is the only home page, in the face of sh419 K station is


above is my application for the sh419 League process. It’s time to advertise again, thanks CCTV, CNN, MTV, A5…… Our channel www.my580 >.

segments, designed to do a certain brand shopping guide, pre build a website framework, brand products in the home layout and related articles, updated daily articles, allowing users to read, for a long time back rate will be high. I’ve seen a website of this type, with information and articles on the left, and a chain to the flagship store in the column. This type of station conversion rate is high, the monthly income of thousands is not a problem.

a week before all is the Meiya channel, because they do not know how to get Taobao off, after half a month after the old station you can look at it in a few days, remove the to give up, and re establishment of the new building. It was around May 15th, and sh419 included 100 articles. Personal feeling is not bad, ha ha, but new sites do up, the original of those included in the points can not find the article, are 404 tips…… Silence, when new channel Meiya do together, the learn, the article and Taobao products have a certain planning, do a more relaxed. The new and old till the end of the month is almost more than 130. Taobao data collected 1000, this should be regarded as a certain content, right?. So in May 28th, holding the mood to try again submitted a sh419 alliance, the weekend after two days, 1 noon on the opening of the mailbox, found sh419 Mail said successful application HOHO.

wrote about the sh419 alliance today. It is said that the sh419 Alliance for a new station is more difficult, because before this don’t have a really good answer, more than 20 days ago the site just established, it is exciting to apply for sh419 alliance, oh, 4 times to be rejected. That’s normal…… A new station just started, there is no content, such a website certainly can not pass. sh419 may also have an inspection tour of the new station. First of all, a web site must have content, as for the acquisition or originality of what, this is not clear. I was looking for a plus, of course, the original should be the best, but the composition of individual owners, should be more pseudo original.

do subdivision domain category website

abandoned API station, we do have the practical value of the shopping guide website content consultation, can do fashion information network, adding information on the website in the product guide, there is no reason to reject the user with useful information such as shopping, search engine has no reason to refuse collection of valuable content, and this kind of website user viscosity is high, the risk of large transactions. It takes a bit of effort and effort to do such a station because there are so many things to update, and the workload will be greater.

do consulting shopping guide website

This is the

yesterday just wrote a "novice to do Taobao three tricks" guest insist has found links to pirated, ha ha, ha ha, I despise you in the second article of A5, see a lot of people, thank you for your support to. No matter whether you support or oppose, welcome to smash bricks.

is now micro-blog’s "fire" gas is still strong, many companies are doing the micro-blog marketing, guest can also do the micro-blog marketing. At present, the high visibility, large number of users of micro-blog is Sina, micro-blog, Tencent, micro-blog, we can make good use of it, preliminary work is to raise micro-blog, and accumulate a certain fan, audience >!


personal feeling should not be difficult to apply for sh419 legend, first of all, your web site must have a certain class capacity and readability, there is a certain focus, direction, such as my weight loss products…… For the amount of visits, my website is not too high, the first half of each month is about 10 IP, less poor. The amount of IP traffic should not be a requirement for the sh419 alliance. However, when submitted, or in accordance with some predecessors said that the number of days to visit 10 thousand to 100 thousand. It is said that it is easy to get over electricity. sh419 alliance down, and put more of what sh419 advertising, but do not cheat Oh, we do Taobao customers is to fight protracted war, advertising fees in order to better survive. Relatively novice do not understand the words, the cost of investment still have some pressure.

continuous K station guest can go far? Many webmaster is doing API call station, sh419 reached the point that, the large-scale API station are banned, can be said that this type of station can not success Amoy dream of making money, so what can Amoy road continue? The answer is yes the station has abandoned API distinctive content sites can also survive, even farther below the author sum up how to do after the guest time:

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