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this thing more or less with chance, but watercress platform similar content and a lot of content industry and commercial value of heat rising, so the image of bean active guidance content, but also the logical thing.

in accordance with the introduction of watercress, the film adaptation function is not open to everyone, users have to through the "screenwriter" or "producer" identity authentication, and then you can enter the appropriate background page. Writers can choose stories from a story to be adapted, and write an outline of the script. A good and appropriate script outline will be funded by watercress’s reading so that you can continue to write and complete the script. Producers can choose stories from "stories to be adapted", buy film adaptation rights, and promote the film and television project together with watercress.

through the hands of the content, to attract writers and other writers, to connect buyers of film side, watercress today’s model, and early in on the line Amazon studio is very similar.

to do a simple page, a virtual space, the best can also operate the domestic space agency, to the page, go to the CJ registration account, about how to register, suggest that you learn a registered account, find the space on the sale of advertisers in the CJ application, because it is CPS the type, is generally very easy to pass, these products will be made on your web page, and then in the group made about the virtual space information, cheap, no need for the record, 1000M space, send the domain name, can bind an infinite space, which is consistent with the description in the advertisement, because a lot of foreign space indeed, about to pay, because the average person card no dollars, you let them put money in your Alipay, best able to support secured transactions, so to improve Reputation, then you use your PayPal to buy in an ad alliance, so that there is a single transaction success.

recently, watercress’s watercress read formally launched the "film adaptation" column. "Here, we will continue to publish readers welcome and have the potential to adapt to read the original works of watercress, film and television industry invited professionals to participate in the film and television adaptation." Watercress said in a statement above the page.

watercress has also been on the big screen. 2011 "lovelorn 33 days", the original novel is originally in the bean sauce on the serial, and later adapted into a movie, and eventually became the box office dark horse.

Pay attention to the foreign

is probably due to domestic space to record, perhaps because of the domestic space is not stable, but also perhaps the domestic space cannot earn dollars, anyway, the recent foreign space market is very hot, just to see some ads on A5, is about the foreign space, the development of a strong country obviously outer space indicates that more and more people go to Wangzhuan abroad to earn dollars, so here are a $operation of the project, even give you a beautiful knife operation tutorial.

November 2010, Amazon created the original movie studio studio Amazon Studios – Amazon, Amazon Studios was founded, the equivalent of a web tool, users can submit and share the script, Amazon will organize members and experts will recommend screening, excellent screenplay to Warner Brothers, if Warner Brothers refused, then you can continue to sell other film companies. "Today’s film industry is doing well."

First of all you need to have a The content of

set up 11 years of watercress, and finally began to have accumulated their own content of film and television – not to shoot, but to recruit writers to take content.

‘s film and television adaptation interface is simple and clear, and clearly shows 20 works waiting to be adapted, next to the 8 works already sold. According to the Tencent technology reported that the buyers including Huace pictures, pictures and other time.

space Commission is quite high, the high is amazing, so it is a good method, disadvantage is that the Commission period is long, and the need of certain funds, there is no ability, or is said to want to suddenly make a lot of money of the people, may not be too right. The idea to make money with money, so a high degree of people, is a good method, after all, want to do Wangzhuan abroad, basically is the need for foreign space and domain name, and foreign space and domain name is indeed very attractive.

account to pay in US dollars, due to limited conditions, few of us have the credit card, so I suggest you go to apply for PayPal, generally do Wangzhuan, PayPal have no words for it. Spend some money looking for someone to change some US dollars. These are very profitable online, creative, navigation, and home networks, choosing reputable and reputable ones.

content is watercress accumulated one of the deepest areas. Watercress read in May 2012 on the line, according to public data, watercress read the existing 21100 authors settled, and accumulated 7339 exclusive works.

set up 11 years, Internet Co watercress finally took a step from the original novel to IP operations, but the following road is not easy.

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