09 Wangzhuan liar exposure ten typical novice beware of scamAli, mom, don’t treat our station as a f

      less gossip. So I can not avoid registered an account, first apply for an account. Not reflect. They’re free ads for Ali’s mother. I think the price is too expensive in fact, 850 weeks. This station 50 thousand IP, 150 thousand PV or so, ranking about 30 thousand, not download, entertainment station. IP is not good to come.. Hung up a small ad, 120*240, offer 280 yuan a week. Just put it on. It was found at night that it was Yahoo’s ad for the bidding. I was in a state of joy after the station opened at the end of 06. For half a year. The site did not throw ads. Naturally, there is no advertising revenue. So even though it’s just so little money, I can’t help but burst into joy. Think let Ali 88 bought it yourself. Good to hear about the information they want to buy advertising. But I link. Tips to upgrade. Yes, I got up early in the morning to see if it was a success. But let me look in the background. Be startled at。 It was free advertising for them. And the original picture that 760*90 link also changed directly to Ali mother master station. Only the bottom right corner of a small place is linked to the introduction of the site to sell the site. Hey。 Really treat our station as a * * *. Again, I dare not say, Ali mother how?. I just want you to be as small as I am. Think about it yourself and analyze it.

 :   recently, it is said that the international famous company Alibaba launched advertising trading website, Ali mother turned out. So, all kinds of such as the Savior of the webmaster came, and so on articles, emerge in an endless stream, this station webmaster also try to do, under, but feel kind of become the * * * feeling…..

      originally unable to write. When you finish writing this, you’re not going to write. But then there was a funnier one. Have to say. I put my case to the well-known webmaster forum im286 see link: im286/viewthread.php? Tid=2138883& pid=21277869& page=1& extra=page%3D1pid21277869 and Ali mother forum reflects club.alimama/viewthread.php? Tid=3516& pid=22571& page=1& extra=page%3D1pid22571pid22571.

09 years have entered history, a new year has begun. On the occasion of this new year’s day, sesame reminds you again, beware of liars, take care of yourself.

Many of the

many Wangzhuan forum by hanging strip advertising to make money, but deliberately high prices of these ads published in the following, and hang out, how many yuan sold tens of thousands of people in the popular forum. Don’t think you have yourself after you buy

now college students summer vacation, many Swindlers Company gradually emerged, such as the first payment after the money, a typist, money hook, fish, it is easy to accidentally fall into the trap of fraud, so I have 09 years of common public open up some of the tricks here, everybody beware fooled.

in fact, this trick sesame seeds exposed many times, but there are always some friends with the attempt to participate in the psychological. Most experts always color is a constant color website agent, whether you win or lose the game, he will earn the agency fee, so you are helping him to work, he also can give you a promise is winning 80%.

has a lot of websites these days under the banner of free advertising money, but you are required to pay a certain domain name fee, or software costs, etc.. In fact, the advertising industry has made money a long time, and the authenticity is relatively reliable. For example, the 58 task network www.58task and so on, are real, do not need to pay the site. But there are a lot of crooks use this site, out of other sites, and is known as the site of the franchise site, so as to defraud the trust of the net friend, cheat members of money. This scam is easier to expose, as long as the firm does not pay.

1: free Witkey earn money

four: Earn $100 a day tutorial

        click on registered Ali mom, sell your website ad > > alimama

three: point advertising earn money, collect subscription fee

five: to establish a

forum, there are a lot of Wangzhuan tutorial for sale, and given a higher credit guarantee. But most of them are paid in advance, after the tutorial, although guaranteed, if you do not make money on the refund, but money has arrived in his hands, it is not easy to return. No guide, just shouting slogans make you pay, so members do not believe the canon, Wangzhuan is firm, to adhere to the

forum to make money

recently, CCTV has reported some related Witkey money making projects, so some crooks have played the banner of witkey. In fact, Witkey is a very popular money making project in foreign countries, but it is still immature in China. Most of them are network scams, such as Witkey, star and so on. In addition these crooks are often used to replace the packaging, for example, was renamed to off the shoulder, Wiki, etc., in fact, exactly the same, a superficial reform.


two: often experts, teach you free time color money,

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