Talk about common problems and Countermeasures of Taobao noviceshlf1314 Jinshan joint operation Powe

but it also brings a series of problems that we bought the source was sold tens of thousands of times, imagine your data on the site are repeated on the Internet, your site search engine can be optimistic about it after all our website if you want to make money, it would have to flow from the search engine. If your website data on the Internet that you must not repeat a lot of good rankings and included, the flow will be out of the question so I am not optimistic about this method. Then we use the CMS site in the back from his point of view about the above mentioned, I build the site with dream guest program, this program is free very good but also with acquisition module. I said he was good, but not that he was perfect, and he had a lot of shortcomings. Standing in the SEO point of view, his web site chain is not very good, basically is a tree structure, there is no in the chain. From the point of view of use, everyone is optimistic about his acquisition module is very difficult to use, in the acquisition process often stuck, the acquisition speed is very slow, you can live the dead, ha ha.

in cooperation with shlf1314, Kingsoft will be changed greatly, the capacity decreased from about 300000000000000 to about 20000000000000, the use of shlf1314 search engine technology in technology, and the products of embedded web page shlf1314 powerword. Li Kaifu said that through cooperation with Kingsoft, shlf1314 for the first time swept its global Machine Translation technology landing in china. The specific way of cooperation is, shlf1314’s network dictionary translation directly with Kingsoft software platform transfer, the two sides set up a joint R & D team and promotion team.

a lot of things don’t spend a lot of money can not solve their own

said a lot of problems that how to solve it, after months of research, I have to solve the above problems, I said, I modify the program template in the template to add some column connections, to achieve the optimization effect of the chain web site, you can see my this sample 0551xy station. Then I would solve the problem of slow speed of the site acquisition module, the solution is I abandoned the acquisition module built-in procedures. Instead of using the locomotive software, though it was a free version, it was really cool, but it took me a week to do all the work and the rules. Kung Fu is not in vain, his collection speed is very amazing, every day can collect hundreds of thousands of data. Oh, yes, I almost forgot to say the most important thing. I did some optimizations while configuring the collection rules. First, the title of the column in the collection, I joined the random code, you can see the content of my web site, the title has random confusion field. What’s the use of these? No, I say, everybody too

Li Kaifu said that the future income of both sides will mainly come from advertising.

yesterday, shlf1314 shlf1314 and Kingsoft 03888.HK officially launched the "shlf1314 PowerWord", free access to users. Li Kaifu, vice president of shlf1314 global and President of Greater China, and chairman and acting CEO of Qiu Baijun, in an interview with the first financial daily, have deliberately avoided whether the cooperation involves funds.

2010 is Taobao off a brilliant year, a method of making money Amoy no master can be said to be well versed in, today I say I in this period of time for the establishment of Amoy website some views and problems and solving methods of.

first said I was standing on the starting point of the rookie speaking, the old bird can fly, the station said the first problem is the source of the site, write your own source code that is not possible for the rookie, but the source of the source can have a lot of ways, a guest program is very good, but how to modify the template if this is not so much the better, others can buy a set of source code from Taobao,

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