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"I love to chat with you, I’m smart cool 24 hours off the chicken", before one can automatically reply "chicken" in renren real fire, users face various molested, "little yellow" answer is always full of humor.

‘s parents noticed that the son of the electronic science and technology of the "fever", but they still worry about "college computer professional to find work, let Wang Dapeng learn" economic majors can make money ". "At that time, when I filled the volunteer, my father accompanied me, and I persisted in reporting to the computer. At last, the two took a step back and reported to the computer’s professional photoelectric information project." Said Wang Dapeng somewhat proudly.


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"Huang Ji" in the popular let people wonder, what kind of person is to design such a funny little Huang Ji, but really approached "little Huang Ji" designer Wang Dapeng, but found that he is a very talkative, introverted boy.

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high school, Wang Dapeng lived in life, there is no relevant computer classes at school, a chance to see the students buy "computer lovers", the character but the hobby of Electronic Science and technology of Wang Dapeng will suddenly be attracted, if found friends". He bought the magazine for a while and got his eyes shining when he got it. He ate it carefully from beginning to end. This habit kept him until sophomore year, until he was allowed to bring his computer in college, and he had the chance to really get into the "electronic world" that he had been longing for for years".

respected stationmaster:


" when he was young

until now, Wang Dapeng’s mother still wanted her son to be a civil servant. "Because I’m introverted and she wants me to do a steady job," Wang Dapeng understands her mother’s Thoughts – he has a good relationship with his family. "I fix it every week."

although the stubborn Wang Dapeng made concessions, but, "second days, I still changed the professional into the current professional."".

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Although Wang Dapeng

from primary school, Wang Dapeng’s academic record is very good, is a common people’s eyes "good" children, but Wang Dapeng’s heart is actually stubborn, and his heart finds things difficult to change.

since I was a boy, Wang Dapeng is a small "Indoorsman" love, don’t go out to play, home appliances are generally not, after he split off, he also love physical chemistry book, "according to the book often do some scientific experiments".

last year from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology information security graduate of boys born in 1991 just after the 22 birthday, the body is thin and small, in the face of the reporter’s eyes would dodge blush, like most technology home programmers are keen to use the web technology to build their own independent blog, love study technique. He was a little shy to say, "nobody told me technology house, I am conscious condemnation".

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