Mou Changqing be aware of a popular means of cheating now

by reason, it’s a pleasure to find that IP is getting higher and higher as a source of traffic from a web site. But when it comes to the fact that the IP from this source of traffic is false, it’s depressing. This kind of traffic only increases the statistics of traffic statistics. It doesn’t do any good to the website, and it seriously interferes with the accuracy of the data analysis of the website traffic.

this period of time, my personal blog has encountered two false sources of traffic, although over the period of different, but after my analysis, the two false traffic is the same means of cheating come. Today, share this purpose is to let you know, mainly to prevent everyone in doing traffic cooperation, do not suffer. In particular, some advertising League or advertisers directly, but also pay attention to. Because you may now buy traffic through this method of cheating. I don’t have any commercial interest in a blog, they encountered two false It is without rhyme or reason. antecedents, and later through my sources on the two false flow analysis, they are in alliance advertising traffic cheating.

case 1: swap links with false traffic

in the early personal blog, I with a website, a PR5 ticket channel exchanged a friendship link, because I understand this website, know that this channel has a certain flow, and in Baidu weight high. Only when exchanging links, from this ticket channel can come 10 IP traffic every day, at that time I didn’t care about the authenticity of this traffic, think 10 IP should be normal. But later found that more and more traffic from this ticket channel, and I just used the 51LA statistics, found that the flow from this site more, resulting in my site’s overall PV conversion rate dropped. I just mean this traffic from the site may be a problem. But only the overall site PV conversion rate decline can only be suspected of this domain name problems, there is no sure evidence.

later found through this domain to flow back with a parameter "? Fromid=wmjiucjp" 51LA "so I through the entrance statistics found with the parameters in flow, without any conversion rate. For example, 80 IP came in from the entrance, with only 80 PV. That is, these traffic to my site, no more operations. So I pass 51LA "entrance statistics", can confirm the flow from this airline ticket channel, as long as is brought with this parameter, all is false traffic.

why is this domain name coming with this parameter, because the airline channel on the outside, there are many league sites in the promotion, and the latter parameter is the identification of different alliance site traffic. From the affiliate site to the ticket channel, and then to my blog, you’ll take this parameter. So through this, you can find that this union site is cheating. All the traffic on the ticket channel was false traffic. Cheating sites for the authenticity of the flow, enter the target site, but also automatically click on the page >

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