Please don’t begrudge a little bit of server cost

many friends site is beginning to select a virtual host of cheap, virtual host are indeed very cheap, double a year but also on the hundred dollars, but also on the G space, but the virtual host in general there is the following:

1. network bandwidth is not enough to limit your site access speed: a virtual host, a server 50 web sites better, more hundreds are normal; and a server bandwidth may be only about 10M: there is also a little higher. So little bandwidth, so many people, you can say speed where? Even if a virtual host can share the bandwidth of 0.5M, if your site is a little picture, visits at the same time to reach dozens of words, I estimate that half sites are not open;

2.CPU and other hardware limitations: many virtual host will tell you: no limit IIS, but I want to tell you is: just a factor of IIS restriction site, CPU and other hardware restrictions on the website is very obvious, you rent a virtual host family could not limit you CPU, for others have to do with the


3. software restrictions: such as the number of MYSQL connections. Don’t think this is unimportant. MySQL connections are too large for resources. If the MySQL connection settings in 1000 (good), so if the server has 20 users in the forum, so the average active forum at the same time, is 50, more than the number may be unable to connect database etc.; (this I calculate is not very accurate, can be out of professional. A little);

4. doesn’t rule out users who use virtual hosts to do bad things (I believe there are still), and if they use this to do bad things, then you’re likely to suffer too.

5., allegedly with the IP, if there is K site, so other sites will have influence;

and the current flat-share server, is an upgraded version of the virtual host, almost all of these problems (not that flat-share server or virtual host is not good, after all, very affordable, IDC friends also don’t throw me stone);

well, said so much, I really want to make friends recommend spending a little money to rent a station server, even if it is VPS, VM also, at least one independent IP, but also has the following advantages:

1. can manage itself, what software you want to configure, what software you configure, how many stations you want to build, and how many stations (see hardware and network);

2. independent IP does not have to worry about being compromised by other stations;

3. will not be affected by other stations, and do not worry that other users will do bad things;

The development of

4. is more suitable for large web sites: want to do certainly want to flow up large, independent servers generally have good bearing capacity;

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