Who will speak for our stationmaster

, the recent CN domain name has been a big wave, and you really don’t know what CNNIC will do next. Since the beginning of 07 years, the CN domain name has been sold to the advertising Internet users for a one yuan discount, making the CN domain name the most registered domain name in the world, and China has become a big corn naturally. I was the first time I had a domain name, what a happy thing. I wish I could show off myself. I have a CN domain name. But now? Mentioned CN, some stationmaster began to fear.

09 December, CNNIC announced the cessation of individual registration CN domain name, because the CCTV exposure, CN domain name contains many Huang se information. So, CNNIC did not do two endlessly, then stopped the individual registration CN domain name. Saul — yellow we absolutely support, but this one’s support, justified. Many webmasters will wonder why CN, domain name registration to enterprises and individuals, regardless of which countries have laws and regulations such as ah, get the netizen is cry ".

, many people are beginning to worry about whether the previously registered CN domain name is going to happen. Sure enough, there is a jump out of the law: the original personal registration of CN domain name, now must submit enterprise information before you can domain name resolution. This causes all stationmaster to begin to be angry. This is totally unreasonable. Do we have to hang on the domain name in some enterprise companies? Besides, we can’t register a company because of a few domain names.

just yesterday, 18, "top" and a new rule: before the registration domain name, you can not provide enterprise information, but only the right identity on it. This leaves people scratching their heads. What the hell is CNNIC doing?. Oddly enough, a lot of people have registered for their domain names.

has a term called stone on their own feet, this approach is to reflect their submissive opinion, or they are not independent, that the wind is the rain, above the pressure on him, he put all the pressure transfer to others. Say something is "inconstant in policy", such a move would provoke disgust. Gov is the original officials to do such a thing? It is not later to what policy as long as women to register the domain name? Do things must be planned, this is the primary school teacher told us that things can’t say what you do, that can only be more blind. As a leader, must play an exemplary role, so do things, will beam crooked.

The last one out of your

regulations, that is before you misunderstood before all the Regulations mean, you did not say clearly we can not misunderstand you? Re out before you set the rules, where misunderstanding? Don’t make excuses for themselves. Now many people are giving up the registration of CN domains because they don’t know what you’re going to do next.

, poor thing, our webmaster, we don’t have one

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