Has B2C become the only outlet for the transformation of information portal

seems every other period of time, those old IT portals have to turn to e-commerce. Recently IT portal Yesky launched pilot pole mall, sales notebook, netbook, peripherals, accessories, software and other 3C products. From the vertical information portal to e-commerce, Yesky is not the first, last March Zhongguancun online also transform the e-commerce platform, in last year’s news, Zhongguancun online owner CBSi group senior vice president Liu Xiaodong announced that the e-commerce platform Zhongguancun online investment is 20 million yuan, the next 3 years plans a total investment of 100 million yuan.

but in a recent interview, Liu Xiaodong admitted that Zhongguancun online e-commerce business is helpless, because the result is not done by Taobao and Jingdong mall squeezed. At present, there are about 5000000 online users in Zhongguancun and more than 3000 dealers in integration, and Liu Xiaodong hopes to integrate 50 thousand dealers online in Zhongguancun in the coming years.

in fact, Zhongguancun online from 2006 on the preparation of e-commerce platform, until last year before high-profile release, so far has not been much improvement. The pole at the end of last year has been announced to enter the e-commerce, a press release in December last year, for the transformation of electronic commerce. The data is "Yesky product library currently has a balance of 200 thousand products, more than 1 active dealers, and professional data research center, and these resources will become an important foundation the transformation of IT vertical portal to B2C platform."

Zhongguancun online and the pole are passive from the information portal vertical transformation of electronic commerce, but the B2C is really the last straw?

not to mention the two orders and sales, and the Jingdong responsible for their own store Invoicing B2C approach is different, and it is Zhongguancun online B2B2C, namely the platform model, the supplier responsible for their own Invoicing, and its Zhongguancun online platform, to attract passenger flow and making the platform rules provide shopping places the equivalent of the traditional IT stores moved online.

, assistant president of Jingdong mall Liu Shuang revealed that when he helped build online e-commerce platform in Zhongguancun, given the proposal is to do B2C platform, that is, Zhongguancun online own control invoicing. Because of the price, inventory, speed, service and UED are key factors to determine the user experience quality is closely related to the B2C platform, the first 4, the inventory to determine the price, speed and service, and Zhongguancun online eventually go the other way, Liu Shuang think it a start to go awry".

again, Liu Qiangdong established Jingdong mall’s original intention. When Liu Qiangdong in Zhongguancun fortune, feel Zhongguancun IT stores the mode of information asymmetry, dragons and fishes jumbled together, not to control the quality of service businesses, thus creating the Jingdong mall, Liu Qiangdong chose to be responsible for their own Invoicing B2C platform, and spend lots of money to build storage logistics system. Although users still complain about the distribution and after-sale service of Jingdong mall from time to time, but through to the upstream supplier >

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