Talk about the three core values of the homepage of the website


homepage usually has three core values. These three points are the easiest to attract customers.

one, website theme; two, website navigation; three, home page content

the first one is very important. You tell the user what this website is for.

second is for the user to choose, he has basically understood what your website is doing, you can tell him by navigation, see if you need.

third is the most specific, you are good at the user most needed products on the home page, users go in, the site will find that you need.

Chinese have a characteristic, that is, he does not know what he really needs, but he knows he must be in demand. Once again, give an example.

many young people want to find a boyfriend and a girlfriend, but they don’t know what they want. You introduced him to a bar, he looked after still not satisfied, let him find one in the company, he also be full of worries. This time, you give him 10 women directly, let him pick out one by himself. This time the success rate is quite high, why? Because there is a contrast, 10 women stand a row, naturally good and bad. People have such a heart, like to pick, and do not like to recommend to their own. Understood this, also knew, the website first screen is the website gold position. These elements can be integrated into the first screen, you can very well seize the user’s heart. This question basically belongs to the domestic characteristic, this also is why the domestic website always bigger and bigger, more and more long one of reasons.

remember, the domestic Internet users are very lazy, the Internet is very blind, and their computer level is very delicious.

below tells the website classification page, that is, the channel page of the website.

channel ideas can learn from the home page model, but you can’t take the home page which you think is a good result and move it directly. The reason for this is that the channel page is a relatively concrete page. Internet users to enter this page on the basic point of view, he has his own idea, that is to say, this person has a certain sense of judgment at this time, think there will be something I need. Then, the content of this page, we must grasp the uniqueness of this channel’s products. There are large and small channels, Chinese people like big, it is recommended that the product is small, but also to enlarge the page. Because it makes the page look beautiful". Store more fakes, large multi boutique, is the truth. This is also a different product, placed in different stores, the price can be opened, but users can accept the price, because the user’s potential in mind that "value for money."". But don’t forget, a lot of people are going to be cheap. In places where users are less concerned, such as the right side of the page, you can take advantage of this. This part of people spending power is low, but the consumer group is very big.

products are arranged in a very elegant way. Look at the size of your site, shop >

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