Nanchang land League network share second tier cities buy site initial operating costs

before we share with you over 2 articles, Nanchang group online line ten day IP thousand experience sharing and sharing group purchase website promotion and business negotiation skills, received a lot of attention to group purchase webmaster, many webmaster and our QQ exchange, and we are here, we again to share with you our Nanchang group net operation experience of half a month since today, mainly talk about the second city in the operation of a group purchase website initial cost. In addition, today attached to our website’s IP statistics and order status, not to show off our little achievements, just tell some friends like do group buying, as long as find a good method, buy or promising.

Nanchang mission network operation half a month results statistics:

visits: around IP1000 per day, about PV3800, 80% of which are Nanchang traffic.

order: we average a group buying product every 2 days, with an average turnover of about 80, and the total amount of receivables is 25 thousand yuan.

turnover rate: at present, the website CNZZ statistics, the turnover rate is about 55%.

members: currently registered members of 800 people, 730 mail subscriptions, mobile subscriptions 65 people.


below about second tier cities buy site operating costs:

1, program costs, buy commercial version of the program is generally around 1000 yuan, the bulk mail software about 200 yuan (A5 buy cheaper), space costs 100 yuan / month (VPS), domain name costs 1 years 60 yuan, total 1360 yuan.

2, personnel costs: that the individual would need at least 3 individual operators a group purchase website, 2 people responsible for network promotion, website maintenance, customer service and other products on the shelves, shelves, 1 people responsible for the negotiations, second tier city personnel salary is generally around 1500 yuan, a total of 4500 yuan / month.

3, operating expenses: office rent 800 yuan / month, Internet, electricity, cost about 500 yuan / month, a total of 1300 yuan / month.

4, promotion costs: ground promotion, generally only do simple posters, leaflets, as well as cooperative stores banners and so on, about 1500 yuan / month.

, 5 members of the rebate: early product group purchase price is only in accordance with the original sales business, it also need to consider membership invitation rebate investment, the group is in accordance with the 5 yuan rebate, rebate per day in 5-10, according to 8 people a day rebate 40 yuan, a total of 1600 yuan / month.

total: 1360+4500+1300+1500+1600=10260 yuan, in addition to program and domain permanent investment, a total of 9200 yuan / month; that is to say, you want to do group purchase website, to invest ten thousand yuan in order to ensure the reasonable operation and development of a month. Hear here!

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