Personal view Grassroots webmaster needs to change habits

I just small roots of a network, like a tree on an equal footing, but long enough, express some views to the webmaster friends don’t mind:

The rapid development of

network anomaly, 07 years, China network indeed seems to be very calm, do not have what idea, everyone seems to be transferred to the stock market like, real money effect to everyone’s heart back, often see foreign what new things out, foreign cooperation and what what news and so on indeed, China rarely, China love love to confidence in the name of receive flattery or compliment, exaggerated odd words, in the name of righteousness (external), not to compete for so I think we need to put the grassroots webmaster, a halo gas, broken, of course, need to change some habits:

1, a person is a dragon, one person alone, always like what they do, not to cooperate, but also not good at cooperation. Always think that they want to come out is noble, always feel higher than others. In fact, the strength is very weak, we also boast themselves will do what.

2, seriously follow the trend, see others make money, immediately imitate to do, yang to cross each other to do their own, the boss of this industry. It’s just in vain.

3, boasting serious, have not made what results, put their own station location is "Chinese maximum… China.. the best… China. Most cattle… Chinese. First… Etc…" is actually a high hat.

4, too persistent, refused to admit defeat. No results of the business of a station, too, insist, insist not wrong, but it is not modified to operate, but also solid stodgy, advised by self, also called beauty, no stick, no victory, see who else, stick to the end will be successful, do not want to. Why can others insist that only know "stick" word.

5, in the site, often behind closed doors, he suddenly thought of a little inspiration, feeling great, I went to the station to do, think of this idea, only their own thought, did not think, actually a lot of people already think, just after the investigation there is no way to do, or is their strength can not control, in vain the strength, with white time sigh oneself can not play, may hold society on its own is not thick.

6, interests, but also pro dad, as long as the money, horse, do not take care of the plug-in, pop, complete the interests of users, let go to do, to make a fortune off station again.

7, lack of innovation, rarely think, I can create a new model, but to go online to find what a good model, go abroad to see, used to use.

8, a serious waste of resources, the lack of integration.

is also head of the grassroots a small micro grass, also have the ambition to global network economy, but their ability and too many shortcomings, can not do the above, I also made a number, no way, Chinese, tradition >

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