Some thoughts on the closure of my Baidu space blog

today opened his own Baidu space blog for a period of time,, keyword "Tieguanyin" ranking stable between 8-20. This is also a publicity blog I designed for the company. It turned out that the blog had been seized by Baidu. I’m really surprised by the result that I’ve never been in a blog like this,.


found that the first reaction was to analyze the possibility of sequestration. So I found the Baidu space protocol right away. In accordance with the agreement violated the rules, the only possible reason is: the user may not be advertising letters, promotional materials, ", " spam; to upload, post, email or otherwise transfer.

because the blog itself is an enterprise blog, it will certainly involve the relevant information about enterprise promotion. If this is the real reason, and combined with recent situations, it can only show that Baidu is really bossy,

1. blog was closed for a week before the ranking, the weight is very high, more directly up to the first page, stable ranking on the first page after a week, which is sealed within 3 days before receiving the Baidu Inc PPC phone. The company refused, and next, the space was sealed.

2. company website two months ago, the situation is the same as blog. Also suffered serious fall, but also in the three days after receiving the Baidu PPC phone.

for the above two points, people say that this may be a coincidence, indeed, there is the possibility of coincidence, is it so clever? The possibility has been raised. In order to further confirm this statement, the company allows another site to participate in the PPC, and this site belongs to non optimization station, the results of the ranking directly from 100 pages later to the first three pages. No artificial optimization was performed during this period. In contrast, sites that do not participate in competitive bidding go away from the engine. Is it possible to prove the gravity of Baidu’s manual intervention?.

today for the time being not to say whether the Baidu manual intervention is correct, the Baidu space was sealed this result, it is necessary to sum up the thinking.

1., Baidu space, we all know that there is a high weight, will become the first choice for commercial blog publicity. However, we must not be ready to be blocked at any time, Baidu definitely not always allowed to use Baidu space to do business blog publicity, once you find out from the profits, immediately sealed. Unless you participate in their bidding rankings,


2., the search engine for the current situation, the only way is to cater to Baidu, according to Baidu rules to do. For the company, and Baidu to reach a win-win situation is the most favorable choice, don’t play with Baidu mstching.

3., from the recent websites I’ve optimized, the Baidu algorithm has changed pretty fast, and…

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