Eight suggestions on the construction of information portal website

these days, it is a trouble, that is a new information portal layout, give customers out of the three layout schemes, although each customer say good, but will pick out some bones, this is after the encounter things, for one is not the very top art design so and after this scheme, the following eight suggestions summary:

1, the overall style of hue issues:

, a good artist, has his own unique use of color. Then, this unique, nor is it necessarily right. Because you have to combine some of the industry reference and acceptance of customer requirements, such as the station, the main color is blue, with pale blue, red as. The specific color scheme depends on how sensitive the individual is to the color.

2, line and border planning:


first plan submitted to go up, the customer asked: "you to the entire site line and border is how to plan?" I ask a designer, but first encountered such a professional customer, I stare blankly for a few seconds, I said "I design according to my ideas design and color are unified." Sure enough, the customer was not very happy, and then talked for more than half an hour, and asked me to come back and make some changes.

so I think, before doing this kind of website, must make a literal planning scheme, as to what advantage, later will be detailed introduction.

3, Title Design,

is the biggest headache in this area. Because the text column is particularly large, so the text typesetting has to be unique.

because you have to consider usability, the browser can’t find the entrance for your website for almost half a day. It must be a failure, so the font and spacing of the text titles are to be distinguished. Big headlines should be made more eye-catching.

4, pictures, news pictures should be unified planning:

information portal construction, you will encounter illustrations of the situation. So considering the late maintenance and overall appearance of the website, suggested that the ZhengZhan and information of the pictures are made the same picture size, OK, this is very beautiful, but the question is then out, is the layout of the text display, because you are not the same, the size of the picture is the same, so to each module are aligned, the size that will have to seriously think about the picture.

5, AD ad position.

At the beginning of

, I made 3 big banners advertising BANNER, and the customer asked me why I wanted to put those pictures. I said it was a AD ad, which was used to help customers advertise and increase their profits. Customers listen, immediately happy, and to interest, it increased to 5 ad positions. So, in my opinion, advertising is indispensable, ha ha, more or less, ha ha.

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