A failure webmaster difficulties

initially, I chose the mobile network, when the network is good, my forum became the top 1 million in the country, the day IP has more than 2000, and later did not know how it was closed.

at that time you can file each data, and I keep it until December 25, 2007, christmas. After a year, I called the forum, but also good, has been posting, replies, but in March, suddenly forum can not open.

I want to wait, wait until May, complain, wait, and finally despair.

later abandoned the network, and saw his backup data, had wanted to build a forum, but really has been very hostile network, then did not go on.

in May, I apply for a free forum in 5D6D, the bbs.dagong5.com binding domain of dark and light, I thought that I could like before, but this time, I am faced with graduation thesis, graduation design and so on, for I, the forum also ran aground, up to now, graduated in July. The work so long, no energy to take care of this forum, so every time open is empty, no bustling, felt very sad.

sees everybody so fierce, feel very embarrassed, I am a failure stationmaster, who can help me?


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