Novice Adsense into the webmaster industry must pay attention to three problems

There is no need to doubt that

networks can make money.

students are active, energetic, curious and with plenty of time, so it’s appropriate to run a website after school hours. But the students mixed in this group there are also shortcomings, first of all, students have no income, money is given by their parents, then absolutely not the wind blowing, and students lack of social experience, easily deceived, again, because of their spare time is too abundant, easy to indulge in the webmaster industry to make a fortune dream.

I haven’t been here long enough, just a year ago, or a dream in the ivory tower, so I’d like to give some advice to the students who have just entered the school.

1. never spend too much money on the station. The reason is simple. You are a student and have no financial income. First of all, to make sure that the website, for most students, should be positioned to invest, rather than entrepreneurship. Do not daydream, you do not mix in this industry for 35 years, do not talk about entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is very difficult, but investment is relatively easy. Since it is an investment, you need to be cautious, and suggest a low buy and sell high strategy, and the amount of the transaction should not be too high, under the control of 1000 yuan. To buy sites that are priced below their actual value, and then stay in the hands, run or resell, requires a good eye, requires long-term diving observation, and accumulates experience.

2. never make a rich dream. Never trust the promises of others. Never give money to others. Never act alone. There are too many liars in this society. It’s almost everywhere. Therefore, before the transaction, as much as possible, the cost of checking the information of the trader, to check whether he has committed fraud. Do not believe that the world will be "pie", and set yourself a profit risk line, if a transaction may be more than 40% of the profits of the transaction, you must be careful. For example, you want to spend 400 yuan to buy a website, you think you can sell 560 yuan, profit 160 yuan, then you have to be careful, the profit is not normal, you may well be wrong, and this error is likely to be fooled out of the seller. Can not act alone, because a person’s judgment is limited, when he couldn’t make more people and discuss the Three Stooges top of a Zhu Geliang.

3. do not put too much energy in this industry, because you are a student, really relying on a website to make money is one of the few people, most of them just to earn a little money, so don’t dream to catch fish in the river, get a wave hit will take you away. Down every day, the time to control in two hours, if you have patience, perseverance, it is best to do their own new sites, reselling websites is not benevolent ah. If you are to do a beauty picture website, send three effective chain every day, insist on updating every day, adhere to 6 months, IP 1000 is not difficult, at this time, your website can reach 10 yuan per day profit, OK>

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