Self examination network enrollment year 300 thousand actual combat record

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from the end of 05 to start SOHO, then the income mainly comes from the GG and some mixed Wangzhuan project, the income is not stable. During the 06 summer vacation, I did an educational test site. I found several key words flow category is very high, especially some college admissions tests. Since there was a friend who is doing self enrollment in the industry, so I try in the brochure left their phone, did not expect the whole summer brought them dozens of students. At this time, I suddenly found that perhaps the network combined industry, is a feasible road.

07 years, I began to officially online self enrollment plan. Some of the more obvious BUG was found at that time, a lot of job candidates will search for self enrollment information in Colleges and universities in Wuhan online, many also have a special "self enrollment. But the problem is: direct search candidates love XX school name + self, self enrollment, zhuxueban and other words, colleges and universities responsible for self enrollment "commonly called XX University School of continuing education, so the final result is not the official website to search candidates almost. I knew the chance was coming.

07 years ago to do very simple, a single top-level domain name, a HTML single page. Put up a brochure and telephone contact, the title of the general format: XX university fine | self enrollment | zhuxueban, made a total of 6 schools. And the success of the key words are done, Baidu first. So when the candidates in Baidu search certain university self-study, certain university self-study enrollment, certain university self-study class these keywords, the first to see is my web page. So the conversion rate is very high, all sites daily traffic peak is only 500 IP or so. But the enrollment rate is very high, and the consulting telephone is ringing all day long. In the last 07 years, the total enrollment of 6 schools increased by more than 150, and the income reached nearly 28W.

and 08 years later, someone started to follow our example. Some have even made more elaborate and richer sites. So I made adjustments to my strategy. This year we made 3 key words for each site, a class of similar University official website content based site, a single page and a blog site as a guide, all can ensure that each key words there are three sites occupy the side. At the same time established a comprehensive site, carried out some pay promotion. Then the individual people began to use Baidu keyword direct promotion, we naturally have also been promoted, not resigned to playing second fiddle, and never hesitate in bidding, hit a lot of money to Baidu, but also ensure the first bid and natural ranking position. 08 years to do 8 schools, earnings nearly 35W.

followed this year for 09 years, and this year the online admissions situation has changed considerably. First of all, the province launched a unified platform for online enrollment, and then the media began to wantonly

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