Share 6 years of actual experience and skills in SEO’s website production in +1

Since the

into the treasure company, first do website design, product planning, website promotion, now switch to: SEO, an occasional page design! In the company for nearly a year, learned a lot of things (CSS+DIV+SEO), I summed up some SEO and collect and feel a bit useless stuff to share for everyone. Don’t say any more about it,


SEO search engine optimization considerations:

1, please don’t throw a lot of stuff free of charge in title, deion, keyword, especially those that don’t have anything to do with you.

[title]: quite important.

, for example: Title: Ningbo City Cinema – free online movie


practical application of these two points:

1. core keywords are assembled (free, cinema, Ningbo, film, city, online),

2. optimizes the method of spelling (there are no, such as online accounting and online accounting),

3. simulates customer thinking

4. refers to the number of searches / searches in the query results,

5. refer to the competitors’ key words (free movies, free movies), this competition is too strong.


6. keyword density (2—–3 repeats is enough)

3, the head and bottom of the page is important. For the search engine, try to add keywords to it.

4, keywords need to be carefully chosen, at least a few days to consider.

method: look at the above,


5, SEO at least to have something to protect, even if you do dumpster, at least visually like a normal station, do not have to float, and the pop-up window, the user now has the fear. Just take me for granted. As soon as I enter the website, I’ll pop up a page for you. I’ll turn off the site in the first place.

6, keyword density, but also in the content page to make, this kind of effect is good.

7, traffic is very important, you do SEO, just to flow, do not feel shy, flow up, put some advertising pull, I now: alimama, the first video, qunsee, and some income is not much, not to mention! However, advertising must do is compatible with the harmony! The site is


8, advertising placement, a bit of their own features, to see if they are suited to their own site, style is consistent.

9, the chain is very important, try to find a higher than your PR site >

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