Novice webmaster site a month after the real experience

station after a month, began to have a feeling, it is now [web site is overwhelming, just find a computer with internet access, see what is their IE page, most be changed out of all recognition, almost all his will is not set, several domestic famous web site started way.

123 web site boss, rely on the early years of development into the largest Chinese word-of-mouth web site, it is said that the early also used plug-in extension, has now bleached, but now is the most regular web site, but like many years without change, now users seeking personality, it is difficult to adapt to the 123 estimate look.

114 ( is to create a web site for money is now very much user, early promotion or rely on energy-saving, when the system is installed directly, instead of the default home page, and the user that is also very good, so it is too lazy to change. From this point of view, our influence is too big.

265 commonly used 265 of the user base, the basic relatively stable, so look at the ALEXA ranking, better than 123 much higher. You will find 265 landing, the top is dotted with all kinds of Web links, portals, news, games, entertainment, sports and other traditional categories can not be fully summarized. As a matter of fact, the applications required by ordinary Internet users can be found almost everywhere on the 265. It is set up login, with a user name and password, you can increase user stickiness, relative to increase the amount of PV, purely from the spelling, the 3 figures, simple and clear, and writing is also convenient.

haomwo (, an emerging web site, began to promote the way is to rely on forums, QQ group and several software promotion, gradually accumulated popularity, and now is trying to promote. Contact the Internet bar, find the relationship set for the Internet bar home page, IP and PV ratio is amazing, in addition to all kinds of advertising alliance to find some low monthly package or pack week advertising, when it is high weight of the chain. Therefore, the momentum of development is good,

The development of

of each site is different, for their own, is the best, and the web site, do not worry, now is not suitable for the promotion and promotion of the plug-in virus, once the Qihoo listed as malicious web site, it The loss outweighs the gain..

although doing relatively hard, but looking at the site now traffic, began to feel slowly, ha ha, everyone together refueling,


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