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in a steel company did many years of editing, writing for nearly 4 years, continuing to the original web content can love and hate, the author summed up the way is to.



Baidu’s Spark Program 2, WeChat public platform original protection, other major self media platform content protection follow up…… Internet knowledge content in the long, disorderly development, usher in new life. The major platforms are consistent sound: protect the original content assets, pay for the original.

It is encouraging that

‘s large ecological environment continues to improve. But to an industry, a company, it is not easy to keep innovating. Have to say: writing articles is very painful. The road came from the network editor, although not Cobain was born, but wrote nearly 4 years, which also has a love hate, deep feeling.

ZAC that day, a blog adhere to, so I moved, all China so many bloggers, a few people can do it, everyone is writing, repeated on a subject written, written, written, it is difficult to sustain. In addition to small and medium-sized enterprise’s business activities, project Co., natural product Co., limited source of original content, to meet the search engine, "a bloody mouth almost unlimited" to create content, ways and means is not enough.

personal coping means is to. The four word is simple, but it needs careful experience.

one, open source

open source is to expand the original content source of material. Under limited conditions, the original material of the website needs to be excavated in various ways.

1, people and things around you,

art comes from life, and the people and things around you are the first stream of content. For example, the company’s staff deeds, project information, engineering quotations, project progress, processing, logistics, site conditions, customer concerns, etc., may become news points, be good at catching. The editor must be sensitive enough to what is going on around him, and should not just be buried in the Internet, cell phones, and apathetic about what is going on around him. These materials as long as there is a certain style of writing, write out, search engines are seconds to collect.

2, industry associations, portals or government related departments Web content

industry associations, portals, government departments, websites have many resources. For example, the China Steel Structure Association, the building steel structure branch, and so on, will evaluate some industry awards for a period of time. As far as the association is concerned, only the list of winners is announced, but such a list contains a great deal of information available to the author. We can from the award-winning life, award-winning project details, award-winning projects, the distribution of the region from various angles to create relevant articles, as if their participation in the general.


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