Simple and practical is the trump card P138’s successful experience analysis

When people are still the most

NB’s website hao123 talked about, envy, still regret why I did not expect to do such a simple website, there is a small part of individual stationmaster quietly quietly grow. Personal website is not as the spring breeze comes suddenly, magnificent scene of pear blossoms of the tree, only occasionally inadvertently, thriving., believe that everyone on this site are already familiar with it? This is a multifunctional query site, you first time to visit the station, and may feel ugly in appearance bland, the entire page is so simple and plain, it can be said that this is not the heart of the local people too by looking at the station; the source code, we also found that the technical content of this website is not high, not today’s popular div+css search engine friendly web page layout, just by a simple form to the layout of the home page, no pictures LOGO, not careful users must riotous with colour, also found the entire home without a picture. But even so, why IP138 now could let so many people know, but in the Internet has quietly set up "the authority and brand impression? Here, you may call up to can’t help sigh. In order to analyze the success of IP138, it is necessary for us to have a detailed understanding of its website.

the author through the website query site details, draw the following data:

1, website history: founded in 2004, 05, 22, website age 5 years, 0 months 27 days;

2, website traffic::IP = 807523, PV = 1574670 (of course, this is just a rough estimate, in fact should be more than the number of


3, the website evaluation is $179456933. On advertising revenue: $245831 (the 136cha data not according to what, anyway, I think it will not only an expected value)

4 and Alexa rank: Day: 1168, week: 1297, three months: 1143;

by the above data we may have to sigh, an ordinary person query website development in five years time will be short, ranking it can reach more than 1000. Just like HAO123, it grew up unconsciously, and it was simple. This is the Internet, the Internet is a stage of fair competition, opportunity and hard work at the same time, mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, play a role.

the author through the investigation, the success of IP138 summarized as follows:

1, convenient and practical is the key, providing convenience for Internet users is the theme of web development. Throughout the entire site work > IP138

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