Operating dry goods a new on-line business class website diagnostic analysis and optimization progra

SEO has written articles for nearly two months, a little work wonders feeling, think you can insist on a year, did not think it will be two months for the subject matter of this article should have brains, friends, for their new line to "free shopping" as the core of the electricity supplier website types the diagnostic analysis, and the results of the analysis provide website optimization plan, take out and do all the webmaster friends share.


since it is the website that analyses a friend, the link address can share as well: http://s.epin.com welcomes fellow friend to analyse.

first step website diagnosis analysis

Xiaobian according to their habits, regardless of any type of site, generally from the site positioning, competitor analysis, station optimization, problem diagnosis, and the direction of the site’s operation to expand the four dimensions.


1, site positioning

1) marketing model: the electricity supplier website flagship zero purchase, combined with financial borrowing, financing, disguised marketing, the implementation of the user free shopping

2) business model: difference, platform settled revenue, commission or competitive product advertising revenue

3) content positioning: the daily necessities of life category coverage, mainly in the early stage will poop cheap deal; buy brand items with

commercial operation and marketing mode normal

4) target users: the initial accumulation of cardholders, old customers (sources are temporarily not detailed) and mass life shopping crowd

as shown in Fig.


2, competitor

, here are only some of the same type of business and marketing model of the electricity supplier website:

1) kingsuper shopping network

2) baby web

3) zero Tesco multi user mall

4) apple shopping network

as shown in Fig.


3, station optimization diagnosis problem summary

1) home page TDK is not reasonable,

2) goods details page TDK unreasonable

3) the product details page should not be handled solely by long drawings, and should be appropriately written and described in

4) Co branding in navigation as a feature or aggregated page form

5) lack of commodity property aggregation page

6) website commodity chain structure and related marketing, almost no


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