To be a head stand for the only words love you

updated the site and hit the root. Forced to suck, ahem… Well… Choking! Look at the screen before was filled with a trace of smoke, I thought like with the slightest smoke to another world. Without the worldly sinister and stationmaster’s loneliness and loneliness, I forgot myself, forgot all, and immersed in the happiness and happiness of two people.

a year ago, I was a child only know absolutely ignorant of, a lonely person hiding in a no one corner to read Jin Yong Gu Long’s martial arts novels, because the feeling only in the story, to find the ownership of their own, and forget what kind of helpless reality. Later, by chance and a friend to the Internet bar, I know that the network is more exciting than books. It’s really like entering another world. Since then, I’ve been hooked on the Internet and hooked on the game. Remember, as if the journey is the journey, no day, night play. Because in it, I can no longer take into account much, as long as their own pay (money and time), you can get everything in reality can not get. With their own money, I have my own family, their own gang, with their own hands where the stick and the crotch to which Unicorn mounts, I finally hit a world of their own. Have your own kingdom. Regardless of the game or the reality, I always believe that the rights and money are always the symbol of the strong. Later, I had my own princess water. Let me change my view of the world, and life begins to change from here.

that day just on the line, water son gave me information, said she will soon after school, the game will not play anymore. But she says she will always remember was my concubine. Also let me not indulge in the game later, good to learn more things. People always have to face the reality, no matter how beautiful and smart in the game, it is always a game. I’m your princess in the game, and I want to be your princess in reality. But what I can play, or even a QQ water gave me, and she taught me with this stuff and talk to her, but also with the so-called QQ for the first time I met my wife, very beautiful, but also with the QQ let me know that water is a university student in school…… every day to see her head from QQ, she said the head represents her mood, she said QQ avatar is her own, it took several night sets, with my head and her head, and our head in the game like looking at head like telling a touching love. She said: "dragon, if you can make a head of the website, okay, our stories are made into an avatar, and then saved.". Even if we will not together I also like to put this precious love "I heard then I do it for you (in fact, I even don’t know what is the website, this website is also the first time she surprised to do), you are not what would you do?. I said I went to school, and I would do it. (actually, she knows, I don’t even have anything. I don’t even use a QQ

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