Winter crisis grassroots Adsense how to face

in the winter of 2009 for the grass-roots webmaster is very sad, but also grassroots disaster in winter, facing the bad running pressure, taking out, face down a number of sites, in the face still gasping website, as a grassroots and how we face it…… believe. Many webmaster in this ordeal grow, jiol is also in the ordeal groping, here is simply a few points, we hope these grassroots webmaster can survive in this storm…..

1, calm down, with ordinary heart to

In the face of

website was blocked, the IDC face of treachery, our first reaction is "no one heart will fly into a rage, calm down, so this time" calm "is particularly important, you might say that it’s not your website you would say," I can not escape from this catastrophe is the site wrath, and how angry? And how? What has happened, the most important thing is to think about what to do next? How to do? Is there, "stay fly into a rage, and not afraid of firewood, as long as keep the website data, we are not afraid of no turning over…

2, thinking transformation, in order to dawn reappearance

this is the biggest affected is the forum, pictures class web site, after the introduction of various provinces and cities in the blacklist, many owners began to transfer to foreign websites, so that we shall timely transforms the thinking out, out of the domestic IDC blockade ring, to make their sites to go out, only so our website to the dawn of reproduction, but to remind the site to be harmonious, whether domestic or abroad to be harmonious, like ixwebhosting, BlueHost, hostmonster, HostEase and a number of U.S. virtual host user agreement are expressly prohibited placing pornographic content, because there are Chinese station ixwebhosting, I read the user agreement on their official Chinese station, stipulates that "users are prohibited from storing and publishing obscene content or obscene content on the site of the chain "What I say is that the transformation of thinking is not to allow people to consider the contents of disharmony, where there is no harmony content, there will be no twilight.".

3, sum up experience, in order to make a rainy day,

everything is there for a reason, the disaster occurred, I think many webmaster all know, I am not here to say, from the Internet "storm" I also learned a lot, like web site backup, database backup, host selection of IDC in this disaster give me some lessons, so suffering is not necessarily a good thing, as the saying goes, "do not experience wind and rain, how can see the rainbow", use the experience and lessons, so our website will be in an invincible position.

the Internet this time

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