New group network on the road of entrepreneurship on the insistence and give up a bit of personal vi


website officially launched nearly 20 days, as has been the recent promotion of the preparation, with a lot of friends more, get a lot of new ideas and suggestions, thank you very much for the new group and the care and support of our team. Recently, my biggest feeling is that entrepreneurship must maintain a good attitude, correct attitude, in order to get happiness in business, otherwise, entrepreneurship will be very painful thing.

recently read a book "the greatest salesman in the world", maybe many people have read the book, I do not read, because I am completely in accordance with the requirements of the book in the daily read three times of parchment, I was able to read the second chapter after a month, but the first two chapters give inspiration I have too much, so I gradually formed the habit of getting up early, I don’t go to the excessive consumption of life, I also gradually changing every member of our team, I am proud to tell you, after a week of adjustment, we have all 12 points the rest, 9 in the morning, every member of their own work on time.

I want to say is, in fact, every webmaster should develop good habits, do not put their life to excessive consumption, Mr. Wang Jiangmin died suddenly again to every one of our IT who sounded the alarm, whether you are IT workers or IT elite, which are equally effective.

sharing one: trying to change the habit of work and rest, so that work and health coexist.

every webmaster all know the importance of persistence, every webmaster meeting "adhere to the" two words are repeated, but after careful observation I this period of time, to find a "stick" of some webmaster, web site has been stalled, bottlenecks, but it seems really webmaster have perseverance, always insist on daily, regularly updated a few articles, as the said Baidu will not let me forget. In fact, this is a wrong insist, instead of passively waiting for Baidu to restore your weight, why not actively think of some new ideas and methods to promote the site, do some of the more valuable content to your existing user?

access to many sites, will find such a small function "copy this address, share to your friends", the new mission network also has such a function, but this function really useful? Can your content be shared by others? Touch your own conscience first, ask yourself.

share two: webmaster, and their negative persistence, better to give up actively!

talking to a friend today about promotion, my friend is very negative and has gone into a dead end. But a stranger from me has given him a little inspiration.

My friend

is my hometown, or neighbors, born in rural areas, long in the countryside, but last year an advertising company left before, alone in Beijing rented a small storefront, stem from the self-employed, advertising banners, brochures printing business, start >

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