To the user as the center, why is watercress a good product


tiger sniffing network author Luo Chao published in the "global business classics" magazine

remember the first contact with watercress in 2006. At that time, I was a young onion engineering students, network addiction, I mostly spare time in the computer room. Busy campus life, always feel that life is missing something. Until a rainy day bored in the room, found a rough looking website – bean. It took me ten minutes to feel vaguely that this was the thing I had been missing.

at that time, there were no fashionable words such as social networks, hormones and social networking. My watercress friends for a long time, only a literary girl. But I think watercress is good. Because of its thorough solution, I discovered the movie, the book demand, then solved my loneliness. I love it heart and soul. For OCD + perfectionism, there are few products with such status.

bean in the next few years placid, very hard to realize the function of the upgrade version.

color has been its creator Yang Bo has chosen the green and yellow quietly elegant color system, a large number of pure text links, border, background and background less. Be sure to find out the changes, but the recommended films, books and articles are becoming more and more to my taste. The use of watercress will have an illusion that only Yang Bo, a person in accordance with the habit of developing watercress, continue to maintain it remotely in Starbucks.

, in fact, is already a company with more than 300 people and an annual revenue of nearly $100 million. In the Internet Co, 300 people and nothing great, but its traffic ranked China TOP20, and is still rising, is an incredible achievement. Even more amazing is that watercress has the most loyal users. These users are willing to create content for watercress, maintaining watercress atmosphere, to protect the ecological environment watercress. Foreign, they spare no effort to make more like-minded people to join the online community.

made all this achievement, not rely on strong promotion operations, because the bean advocacy users since the operation and not rely on word of mouth; high technical threshold, because they have never advocated bean high technology, although it has domestic top algorithm engineer team, and was founded in 2005 at the beginning of the domestic rare Python. There is only one secret to the popularity and growth of watercress: a good product of temperament, taste and individuality.

so, what’s the product of watercress? This is a difficult question to answer. In fact, loyal users watercress especially enthusiastic and talented people who already have a lot of interesting words of praise for the bean. These days I asked myself: why do you feel good watercress? If there are second similar bean products you might give it up? The bean will remain in such a good state? Now, I think some of the answers.

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