Who stole the description information in the search results

doesn’t know if you’ve seen anything like this. In search engine search results, it’s only the title of the website and the snapshot date, instead of showing the description. Where is that description?

1: Web description information base.


web site description information is located in the Head section of the HTML code, defined by the meta tag. The description tag does not display on the page, just as the search engine provides page information abstract, although the description information does not affect the site’s ranking, but a good ranking can on the site click rate to play a good role in promoting.

two: where does the text from the search result come from?

things aren’t always as good as we think. The search engine does not fully believe the description information provided by the website itself. Without any accident, the search engine will use its own description information. However, when these circumstances occur, the search engine will give up the web page itself description information, instead of automatic capture:

1, there is no keyword for user search in the web page description.

2, web description statement is not smooth, and there are suspected of piling keywords.

here to mention in particular, from Baidu’s official publication of the Baidu optimization guide has been very clear description of the site’s description information without weight. That is to say, in the description information, the keyword does not affect the ranking of the website.

3, the web page description is the same as the title of the web site.

if there are three instances listed above, then the search engine will judge for itself and choose the appropriate description.

three: how should we write a web page description,


first of all, the page description and title similar, should be smooth, concise, and as far as possible into our target keywords, if you can write to attract users, even better. But you need to pay attention to the words as much as possible within 70 Chinese characters.

secondly, each page should have its own, unique, and descriptive information that contains the target keywords.

normally, the search results in text in addition to describe information from the web settings, there is a page visible text from the search engines to crawl, especially including the search words sentences or paragraphs.

may be a huge amount of data on the site, it is impossible for each page to write their own hands. In this way, we can only write some important pages for ourselves, such as the main page of the website and the channel page. As for the description of the content page, it has to be handed over to CMS. At present, most of the CMS in the world can automatically extract the first few characters of the content to fill in the META information of the web page.

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