n the Web2.0 era, where will our pet websites go

with the rapid development of the Internet, China’s Web site is undergoing major changes. A blog as a representative of a group of Web2.0 website gradually show outcrop feet, these sites to the rise of the traditional Sohu, such as Sina Web1.0 portals have brought tremendous impact, and even a professional commentators believe that Web2.0 will eventually replace the Web1.0 site to site. However, on the Internet, the voice of Web2.0 wave after wave of time, most of our pet sites are still asleep in the dream of web1.0. However, there are also a small number of pet sites are in full swing revision, hoping to become the industry’s first site to eat crabs.

sleeping Web1.0 pet site

most pet websites in China are Web1.0 pet websites. The main features of the Web1.0 pet website, the website provides users with the content of the site editor for editing after the users read the contents provided by the website, from the site to the user of this process is a one-way behavior. In the early stages of the Internet development, Web1.0 pet sites have been flourishing for a while, especially in the Web1.0 pet website in the vast amounts of information, clear classification, illustrated display, so that many visitors heartbeat. However, with the rapid development of the Internet, more and more information on the Internet has been on the edge of "explosion". In this context, the disadvantages of Web1.0 pet websites are beginning to emerge.


disadvantage first appeared in the limited information provided by web editors. Since the editing of a website is always limited, especially in today’s pet sites, editors are less miserable. So few editors are facing the explosion of information, it will inevitably be inadequate, so we see a lot of pet sites incomplete information, information failure, and so on. Inferiority is followed by editors in the information screening, subjective awareness is relatively strong. No matter how much the editor chooses the information in accordance with the objective criteria, it will eventually be subject to subjective influence, which leads to the information chosen by editors not to be liked by the viewer. The user can not solve the disadvantage once again encountered in real life or the difficulties in work directly, although some pet website in station search engine, to help users search problems, but because of the site information quantity is limited, often encounter practical problems still cannot answer. Weakness also ends up in pet sites that can’t stick visitors. Because the website basically provides the pet information primarily, the substitution website is also many, thus causes the website to lose the unique charm to the user.

rising Web2.0 pet site

‘s Web2.0 pet site has made significant improvements to Web1.0’s weaknesses in its pet web site. Allow users to become the protagonist of the site, and truly reflect the user – oriented features of the site. The first point of the improvement is that the content of the website has changed from the characteristics of the few editors in the past, instead of adding it to the website users themselves. This method is not very effective in the early days of website construction

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