Research quick assessment group purchase become the standard site certification is the key

Event Background:

‘s recent negative stories about buying sites are endless. Among them, the main problem is to buy a large number of websites, quality is uneven. For example, 1288 buy nets because of low prices to attract users to pay, but never shipped, and eventually by the police investigation; some buy site website false buy number, leading to the user to business consumption blocked; and so on. In addition, the "buy slave" phenomenon caused by group buying every day has become one of the concerns of the market.


buy website as a new model of the Internet market in 2010, the degree of attention can be said no less than the heat of the micro-blog market. According to incomplete statistics, the number of large and small group buying websites emerging from the market has grown from "hundred regiments war" to "thousand regiments war".


observed that the recent group purchase market presents two phenomena: on the one hand, "group purchase hot" still attracts a lot of new competitors involved, including some background and stronger companies, such as the love of family groups of Sohu in June 21st about on-line; on the other hand, the extensive development of group purchase market there are also many problems exposed, even caused the police, negative evaluation and report on group purchase market in the recent more and more.

Ari analysis thinks, although group buys a website to just begin 2010, but buy group as one kind of consumption form, however long-standing. For businesses, the current group buying site has at least two aspects of the role, first sales channels, and two marketing channels. This is the 09 year online shopping market "hot spike", "limited time to buy" and other activities have the same purpose. The biggest difference between them is that group buying has more stringent requirements for the number of people, while the spike and limited rush time requirements for the node more clearly. From this point of view, Ai Rui thinks group purchase market will continue hot, group purchase as a marketing and sales channels will gradually become the major business and shopping platform, and all kinds of media flow with high standard.

of course, the current group buying website exposes a variety of problems, the main problems are two categories: 1., pre-sale website false information fraud, consumer participation; 2. after-sales service and consumer rights protection issues. Ai Rui thinks, the root that appears afore-mentioned problems is to buy Group website aptitude problem. Currently the problem sites are low profile, small group purchase website, this kind of website is constrained by its limited size and resources, in cooperation with the merchants in the low bargaining power, once consumer disputes, it is difficult to solve the problem of customer service in a short period of time, to the detriment of the interests of consumers. Therefore, for consumers, in the choice of buy site, the most concern factor should not be too low prices, but should be buy site qualification and reputation. Considering the long-term development from the market perspective, the problem of group purchase website qualification and credit evaluation is also on the agenda, which requires not only the group purchase website self-discipline, need more industry chain parties including regulators, third party websites such as "group purchase navigation

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