Ma Grassland where is the spring of the nternet

winter, give people a sense of chill.

the winter of the Internet will bring a taste of depression.

is winter coming yet,


, "winter" concept

Ma Yun in an email to employees in openly declared that the whole economic situation is not optimistic, the next winter will be even longer than you imagine! More complex more cold!! we are prepared to spend the winter. "" the winter "theory point of view one, like a stone into the calm lake, immediately waves four play.

no matter who is put forward, the Internet has arrived in the winter, to make ready for the winter, or the network media to stir the Internet on the winter, all this makes people feel a sudden all war, you hurry up, otherwise, will likely survive the brutal winter".

however, until now the Internet does not really need to be honest, turn and change new. In some ways, "the winter" theory is not completely Weakness lends wings to rumours.

two, how do the webmaster respond to "winter talk"

what should we do if winter really comes in,


I think there are three basic ideas:

first, correct attitude, and have the courage to face. Here comes the wolf. We have our own shotgun. If winter comes, we wear cotton. As Internet host webmaster friends, in the face of "winter on the" form, in the ideological never give up, firmly establish the "nip in the bud" consciousness. Timely attention to the situation dynamics, grasp the latest information and opportunities.

second, hard skills, solid foundation of ascension. The webmaster friends to learn to stick to their advantage position, do not do the fence. See what makes money today, what to do. See what tomorrow do not make money, immediately give up. Learn to analyze and treat information and opportunities correctly. Adhere to their own characteristics, steady and loyal users, the development of new users. Only in this way, in order to achieve the "let the wind and waves, Diaoyutai State".

third, take a long-term perspective, to seek a breakthrough. As a webmaster, have a good eye. The webmaster with long-term vision influences and determines the foreground and height of the website development. While adhering to the old advantages, we should bravely break through ourselves and emancipate our minds. Constantly seek new opportunities and opportunities for development.

three, new ideas, new ways, new opportunities, new developments,

everything seemed to put many small owners into the limelight, the winter is coming,

decide on what path to follow?

big companies have their "winter", the small website has small website "xinchuntian". Do web site can not blindly please Internet users, or refuse to become garbage station is more and more likely. Then, in the early stage of the website, it faces many difficulties, especially the funds

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