ncreasingly sophisticated Baidu statistical tools

although Baidu statistical tool is Baidu’s official analysis tools, but the number of people has been used is not very much, and more people are still choosing Google Analytics analysis tools. Fortunately, relative to the stable Google Analytics, Baidu statistical tools have often been updated, and now, Baidu statistical tools is becoming mature, it has been able to provide some very good data analysis precision, even in many places is not provided by the Google Analytics tools.

The first thing

will say is that Baidu’s statistical tools have made great progress in the accuracy of the data.

remember some time ago, Baidu statistical tools are often broke the difference big problem and other statistical tools of data, and now it has been considered to be the most accurate statistical tools, it uses the first party cookie tracking, do not encounter the browser and security software to intercept, can more accurately capture data.

secondly, Baidu statistical tools update a number of unique features.

includes: the latest visitors, page clicks, thermal maps, accurate Baidu index, and so on, these functions are unique to them. This particular note is the latest visitor function, it is only recently updated, is can be refined to track every flow of each channel, even at the time of the fine to every second, and from the region, sources, entrance pages, etc. other parameters do jump off the page the detailed distinction, which can help us to achieve a more accurate analysis of the operating time, but also solve a lot of people for the channel traffic sources do not control the problem completely.

besides, it is very scientific for the division of time periods.

Baidu in this statistical tool really want to do more professional than Google Analytics, Google tools also can roughly know how much a certain period of time to the website traffic, what is the number of orders to bring, but it does not provide direct data, we need to record the time, to do simple analysis. And Google in this aspect is that you can’t track the fatal disadvantage to jump out, the user for a certain period of time the residence time with parameters like this, Baidu statistics at this point to do more detailed, it provides detailed information on the site every hour traffic, even above also mentioned can be refined to each minutes.

also has its simplicity of operation,

can be said that among the many statistical tools, Baidu statistical tools are the easiest to use, while Google Analytics is the most difficult to operate. The fool’s operation makes Baidu’s statistical tools easier to accept.

, of course, has to say that there are still some flaws in it, the data is not detailed enough, and the tracking work is done

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