Master mind not by you

does not China is the traditional Confucian thought, pay attention to Wuwei mentality. It is a realm of thought, a requirement of ancient self-cultivation.

external means not because things (property, objects) rich, rich and proud and overjoyed; not because of personal disappointment and sadness down. It refers to success or failure to maintain a constant indifferent attitude, not because of a momentary success and failure whenever improperly belittle oneself, maintain an open-minded indifferent attitude.

I think it’s a good fit for new contacts and becoming a webmaster friend.

as a novice just contact the site, although we are in the bottom of the network, but the network has great enthusiasm, we can provide a beautiful layout and busy all day, to update the content and continuous stay up all night, because we have great faith >. is inevitable, many people succeed, but more is dead in the hopeless traffic on the road, although the boss class who said to do industry station, but after all, for most beginners do industry is very difficult, not doing entertainment properties as well as station (the so-called dumpster) are more likely to get traffic and a novice, if not after this from easy to difficult to learn the system, in-depth understanding of the traffic, I think it is not possible to accumulate enough experience, easy development of.


contact the website construction in the construction of the road traffic novice station, inevitably encountered included, K station, ranking problem, maybe today you spend a lot of energy a standing up, get N million or thousands of traffic, you are very happy. Once encountered such as K station, weight drop, resulting in traffic plummeted, will inevitably feel lost, and even will be devastated, give up the network.

such as myself, when I was 08 years as a novel stand, because a keyword ranking is very high, IP also reached tens of thousands, at that time, he is very proud of, that station is such a simple thing, very easy. As a result, there is no escape from the fate of K. Today, there are only 2 figures.

the defeat of the station hit me a lot, and for a long time did not contact the website construction, until this year decided to come back from the new. Analysis for a long time, or decided to do a sound novel download station, after all, many people need, easy to get traffic, this is also the reason for the emergence of Web site

if the site development goes well, I will not write this article and the title is not pleased, not to have compassion, the station began by keyword optimization of internal does get to the front, get thousands of traffic, but Baidu last update, ranking disappeared. At this time I want to continue the pain, or to face actively, looking for the reason? Now is the time to reflect the mentality, we should take the peace of mind to analyze the reasons, find a solution, although I may be irreparable loss.

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