Do stand up, partial failure and vigilance half success

, August 25, 2009. South Korea’s first launch vehicle, "Luo old" launched. At 5 local time at 25 p.m. (4 Beijing time) successfully lifted off, the whole nation jubilation. But two hours later came the news, "Luo old number" failed to enter the scheduled track. For a while, it was transformed into a sigh of the whole nation. South Korean President Lee Myung-bak said. The air mission achieved half of the success and suffered partial defeat". Has aroused strong dissatisfaction reaction among the Korean people. Some people have made it clear that success is success and failure is failure. Koreans can accept this launch is not perfect, after all, this is a long-term and arduous task, but can not accept the government’s evasive. Refuse to concede defeat.

the network read this article, suddenly feeling. Experience, dare not exclusive, so to make the text, and share with you webmaster.

In fact, the government is better than the

webmaster, actually people like web site users. This public event is like every critical stage of the site. As the webmaster, are you ready to confirm success and accept failure?

The definition of

success and failure has different interpretations in every webmaster. For example the network Its current stage of success is defined as Baidu included thousands of days, IP500+, PR is not 0. Its definition of failure is that Baidu does not include IP less than 50, and PR is still 0.

so my job at this stage is to update about 50 articles for it. Create more chains. And one to one direct publicity. Keeping this up is my goal. But the reality is often different from what you think. If lucky, this month goal completed, I can proceed to the next step of the plan. But if this month’s collection and PR reached, but IP still can not go up. What kind of eyes should I look at my website?. To console yourself, is this the result of a NO BAD, or is it about finding a better location and new development model?.

here, I estimate that many webmaster friends in this multiple-choice question, and now will not hesitate to choose the latter. After all, this is a rational state of mind. But very helpless. Most of the webmaster but are holding emotional in the station. Just like a lot of stationmaster describe his website to compare it to oneself child. And our "parents" for children are more defensive. Half the battle. It’s brilliant to show off. Part of the failure, will not consider their lack of "education policy", but a "Ah Q" self deception: this state, worse than I still have 10 million?.

so you plan? Before you xiongtu slightly? Believe that many webmaster friends in the site before or at the beginning of the site. Definitely confident, ambitious ambition to build the universe’s first XXX network. Do X webmaster. But when it comes to a big moment. Will be their first mess of propriety.


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