Lanting Pavilion set of potential operational characteristics of Guo Quji and his international B2C


Lanting Pavilion, chairman and CEO, former chief executive officer of Google,


seems to be in the electricity supplier industry, are only "stuffy" to "get rich", such as the horse listed last year, for example, has just submitted to the IPO prospectus of the Lanting Pavilion set potential LightInTheBox, the former to "sell Weihuo" for positioning, the latter for overseas entry into B2C, to avoid the electric industry fierce competition and price fight, find a profitable development path.

is due to a low-key, founded in 2007 in Lanting Pavilion set potential little publicity, although the former Google chief strategy officer Guo Quji mid 2008 after adding a few times to communicate with the media, but also rarely appeared in recent 2 years. And submit the IPO prospectus into the silent period, Lanting Pavilion set potential to silence to success, IPO has short publicity period.

so how did the multinational B2C business achieve 3075% overall growth in 4 years and achieve $1 million 115 thousand in profit in the fourth quarter of last year,


can only take a look at the media reports in the past few years. The following contents are extracted from the Chinese entrepreneur, the southern weekend, and the global business classics, and the coverage of the Lanting Pavilion.

Why does

do transnational B2C


, transnational B2C, is the foreign consumer who sells Chinese goods directly to the United states.

2006 China electricity supplier model has been very clear, not only has been Amazon’s acquisition of excellence network, as well as the limelight is flourishing Alibaba B2B and Taobao C2C, then there is any entrepreneurial opportunity?

and Guo Quji also started a blog of the returnees, China Oncidium exchange, two people began to think about how to do business overseas consumption, the earliest to do B2B, directly to the overseas small wholesalers. Guo Quji also came to Liu Jun, former vice president of excellence, Liu Jun and Dangdang and outstanding supplier Zhang Liang.

by the end of 2006, their ideas were basically shaped: do multinational B2C, use Google promotion, pay with Paypal, shipped with UPS and DHL. This is the basic model of the Lanting Pavilion (Lightinthebox).

Liu Jun at that time, there is a website, Lanting Pavilion is the prototype of the situation, conducted a small-scale test, the effect is good. In March 18, 2007, Lanting Pavilion was officially launched in potential operations, with the company is Oncidium and Zhang Liang.

by the end of 2008, Guo Quji resigned as chief strategy officer of Google China, formally served as chairman and CEO of Lanting Pavilion. The four founder, he is responsible for the strategy, financing, President of Oncidium in charge of marketing, responsible for the operation of Liu Jun, Zhang Liang is responsible for purchasing.

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