Local forum offline promotional experience sharing

face Adsense competition, many webmaster will turn to the local site construction. Indeed, but the promotion of local websites basically no shortcut at all, for local sites, especially local forums, we believe that the importance of offline promotion must be greater than online promotion.

today, Shuren technology and we talk about this matter, the author is Yangzhou Jiangdu people, so here and share with you our Jiangdu Forum promotion methods and experience. According to peer, this is absolutely dry yo.

one, local forum should pay more attention to the cultivation of

Jiangdu as the national hundred counties, the level of economic activity is still good, long Jiangdu will cooperate with Sina Sina Jiangdu, sina of Jiangdu forum as the first popular forum in Jiangdu is still quite popular, in this process we as an active member of the forum made most of the moderator, the earth round, Jiangdu it is so big, so the line we all know.

with the changes of the domestic network environment, as the official nature of the Sina forum in Jiangdu, more and more restricted, of course the main official website is probably never better than our personal webmaster’s diligence, we realize that they open a forum of the necessity and feasibility, so we have successfully launched the Jiangdu Forum, before the understanding of the moderator we easily pull up management forum. Here I want to say to the webmaster friend, operation a local forum, BBS management personnel is very important, I believe many webmaster and I have the same experience.

I will ask our private

timing forum management personnel to eat, in addition to the regular moderators gather up the party, every year we also arranged for the management of this forum 1-2 time traveling, so our forum moderator very honor. We have paid a considerable return, the moderators are very responsible for their own sections, and our website has earned income.

two, to participate in public service, improve visibility,

we have a dedicated forum forum is a public forum, of course, we also used it for the public, we thought not only online public propaganda, more important is the line of public advocacy, publicity and public propaganda do our website two not mistake, our specific approach is:

First, we use the

Forum’s influence in the forum, paste introduce difficult object or supporting object, the call and the members to participate in fund-raising, fund-raising, provide the corresponding forum.

second, relying solely on the forum’s post is certainly not enough strength, we are still in the city center square site fundraiser, banners: XXX site donation meeting, the following on the host: Jiangdu forum.


third, to raise money forum friends have cars members, car pull banners, with vigour and vitality is to donate one home, basically along the upper.

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