How to properly update the website, using user feedback and suggestions


this is the translation of Bowen’s "How to Properly Redesign a Website", which reads as follows:

in the Internet era today, website revision is very frequent. That’s thanks to the emergence of new technologies (everyone wants to follow technology trends), perhaps because of the changing rules. Whatever the reason, proper revision is important. Make sure the new design will bring you more advantages in front of your competitors.

we don’t want to change the website for the sake of spending money. The reason for the revision is because we feel that the site needs to be visually improved, and our visitors want to see something new from a visual point of view. We should consider the revision from the user’s point of view. Users should be our target when considering creating a new logo for our blogs, publications, and any other form of web page.


The bigger and more important the

site is, the more likely it is to fail to correct it. Why? Because you have to take all of the millions and millions of users into account, it’s hard to please all users – frankly, that’s not possible. I left one of my favorite websites, just because it was revised. If I leave the site forever, I’d like to know how many other users have done the same thing.

in order to increase the success of the website revision, here are a few points of attention.

makes sure your website needs revision,

when your site already has visitors back, most of them want to add some functionality. They know where the navigation is, where the search box is, how to find the document, and so on. Through revision, you are most likely to change these things.


pictures from buritikid

if you’re lucky enough to have an active community, you can have an online poll asking if they need a website revision. If you don’t have a community like this, the decision will be made by you. Try asking the chief designer for advice and see how they think about it.

let your users participate,

The second step in the

update process is to involve community users, which will help the site to suit your users. Because you get feedback from them and use feedback in Web design.

, it’s a good idea to try to keep the main elements in the same place, or at least make sure that the functions are similar at the same location. Moving the toolbar from the left to the right for the first time often results in confusion

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