How to make public article typesetting more beautiful

in the "universal WeChat, everybody is a friend", WeChat marketing is really too hot, not only is the small fart child talking, say, old experts in the enterprise, even some important departments are talking about. And now for enterprise network marketing, if only relying on search engines, has been far from enough, more and more enterprises began WeChat marketing, and WeChat public number has become the choice of many enterprises.

said WeChat public number operators or not, basically all the public number will push content, and push content is also related to the content of the reading rate and conversion rate of the problem, so in addition to the quality of the content, the contents of the public number of typesetting is particularly important. Take a look at some of the well done public numbers, and they all care about details, and the layout of the push is very beautiful.


undoubtedly, a good content, plus a feast for the eye and an unusual typography, is really brightening up.

However, WeChat

, the contents of the public number edit box is very simple, not much editing function, if you know some good code, available elsewhere in the layout editor then copied directly, so a little trouble, and most of the WeChat operator is not based on the code editor,

how to do?

wants to be good at it, so he must benefit from it.

actually, there are some things you don’t have to do. You can find the right way and you can solve it easily. Why don’t a lot of people make good WeChat content? They don’t want to do it. They see other people doing it. They feel very cow, but they don’t know how to do it, they don’t know the method, and they don’t have good tools. Now wood and wood will recommend some WeChat content editing tools, even if the technology is bad, but also easy for WeChat typesetting,


as follows is a WeChat editing tool, no difficulty, you go in and think about it.


is very simple, only need to select the appropriate style, and then to the left of the page under section, modify the text and color, and then copied to the right side of the edit box to edit, finally direct the edited copy to your WeChat public number OK. Templates are provided for you, and you just need to edit it. It’s easy, fast, and beautiful.

, here’s what I’ve done:






click the lower left corner to see more


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