An old webmaster confused and confused

Too many things happened recently in China for

, not a webmaster is to let people go, in addition to Alipay announced support for GODADDY.

first, the network of anti vice, sweeping, sweeping down on the one size fits all. This cut, but the webmaster effort. There are many old webmaster years of effort, it was so cut to a cut. Is there anything else besides heartache?. Immediately afterwards, the net of anti vice became larger and larger. Involved in the IDC, involved in the CN. I’m so numb when I look at it. In addition to wait-and-see or wait-and-see?.

I have previously registered more than 20 CN domains. Half of the successful filing, half of the successful filing. Now the fact is that the record is not successful, not to resolve. This has been verified. But the problem is that even if the record is successful, but also to review, if it is a personal registration, it was canceled. I don’t know what to say。 That half of the successful filing is registered in my own name. In this way, even a useful one is gone. Whether the news is true or false, I have to do both hands.

I started to go to us for help, finally began to re register all domain names are registered in the United States. This is to thank Ma yun. But I’m happy too early. The United States registered the domain name speed is fast, not what is needed. But a few days we can not register CN. You can only register COM for a higher price. So the day after a few days the muddle along without any aim. According to the grapevine, China is preparing to take stock of foreign IDC in the coming year.

, I’m starting to be speechless. I just bought a LP host. It cost 200 Chinese coins. The effect is not very good. Listen to such hearsay, I do not know how good, now. I want to bulk register domain name, want to buy the host of BLUEHOST. But now the environment is concerned. What should I do? Today, China’s cyber face has been attacked. Well, it looks like the situation is bad.

, I’m just a grass root. I’m just a little webmaster. For these things do not want to hear, and more qualified to comment. But I found myself living in the cracks. If I bought this bird host, Chinese and American if you are angry, I worked hard to earn money to naught. But if I wait and see all day, the cost of living is running low. Very confused ah. Grassroots is ultimately grassroots ah.


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