The nternet in Shaanxi lacks a soaring wing

      the Shaanxi webmaster always does things like this:

      Web search, is a free CMS code, and then just making a "template"

      where is the root of the problem?

      1; subconsciously lay bare the curse of technology. Re marketing, advertising, speculation, relations, and do not pay attention to technical and technical personnel. Would rather thousand yuan to eat wine, also do not want to cash several hundred dollars of technical bonus. Only see immediate interests, do not attach importance to technical personnel and technical team training. Maybe we advocate a big mouth Hu Ma Kung Fu, but we may not know the rows of Hangzhou Wensan road has many large and small software companies. I have seen Hangzhou a software company, as a result of staying up late and blinking astringent eyes, proudly demonstrate OA their own system of production, enterprise informatization in them already deep into the subconscious.

      2; since the start of the enterprise, there has been little technical cost. The phrase is "technical staff have plenty."". Encountered technical problems, and find some technical help when approaching, since it is "help", of course, with a few meals play the game. As a result, there is no accumulation of technical documentation and data, technology can not continue, affecting the normal operation of the business.

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