Website user viscosity that thing

is a cliche about user stickiness, but I find that the most commonplace thing is that many people, even SEO years old, often make mistakes:

SEO future development direction is not how much you send the chain, your optimization how to cater to the appetite of search engines. Competition is the user’s experience. If your website loyalty is very high, even if you SEO do bad, also can still thrive "". Conversely, the user experience is good, search engines will also like. Rankings will naturally be among the best. In the end how to do a good job user experience? Today, the rocket SEO and we explore the user viscosity that thing.

recently, many friends may have noticed a strange phenomenon in Baidu. Some 4-5 months of new sites, included only a few dozen, the relevant domain only two hundred or three hundred. But in the first place. This is the Baidu algorithm adjusted product – user viscosity high station, ranking first. In fact, this is not Baidu is the latest algorithm, Baidu algorithm has always been this item, but this algorithm is, after recent adjustment, more prominent.

a website is equivalent to a store in reality. The more people in the store, the more people will get into the store, forming the Matthew effect. How do you make the store more popular? It depends on how well the store is doing so. A lot of money in the store is going to be advertised, but it’s going to be booming, but if his store is empty and there’s no decent goods, the customer won’t be there for the second time. Even though he threw gold billion, will let him lose everything. So, we build the website, do not always think of, the chain hair hair. Put yourself in the position of customers.

for the sake of customers, the first point: it should be reflected in the title and description of the website. In Baidu search results, whose title is more eye-catching, who will be the first concern, if his description, but there is a good description for the website, the website from your search results into the probability will be very large. Therefore, in the title and description of the formulation, must not deal with it.


title must respond to some of the user’s most vital commitments: <, < how women over 35 can look younger; > >. And "free" and "new" these two words are the two words that can catch the eyeball of the user most. If you have some valuable things for free, then "free" can be used as your magic weapon. But unfortunately, we don’t want many things for free. The word "new" suggests good use. In addition, how, suddenly, today, announced, the introduction, here, the latest arrival, the significant development and improvement, and create a great sensation, amazing, amazing, history, an epoch-making miracles, magic, as the acme of perfection and dedication, fast, simple, needs, challenges, and advise the truth, honesty >

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