The fuse is broken, but the idea of standing is all right

The night before

wrote the article, the family melted through the fuse because of the excessive use of electricity and broke it…… Ten minutes of tossing and turning, and finally sit in front of the computer. But writing half of the program is completely rewritten.

well, do not write, since God will not let you complete this program, it will naturally have his truth, not Nitian trip!? quietly think of the last time seems to be scrapped, always in perfect drilling site features the horn lane to pull out.

stopped to think carefully about it! Do stand is nothing more than to make money (99% of the owners are basically the same idea!?), seen so much money ability is stronger than superman’s website (don’t seem to feel shy, Superman will make money: -)), a preliminary summary, these can make money the website is nothing more than three models — that is a unique resource model, function model and eye pattern.

1, first talk about the unique resources — such type of website to make money is certain, imagine if your website is dedicated to selling star undershirt (a metamorphosis, ha ha), so you don’t want to make money is difficult, but we are civilians and the poor, there is a unique resource, is not afraid of people have (take a bath every day rub down from the body of the two pounds of mud will have to


2, we can’t do the unique resource type, then we can only do the latter two.

first look for functional ones – big ones we can’t do, such as portals, mailbox services, and large communities (don’t say you want to be SNS too, or save your breath!). Small, small can do a lot, such as pig Witkey network (, such as gJj (, fast allusion net such as webmaster nets (, such as 51 (, these are examples of success, their success is to seize part of the needs of users, thus developed to meet the needs of this part of the demand of users website.

3, and the last kind of eyeball type – tend to capture the public eye in a short time, so

relies on selling its own products or selling ads to earn revenue. Such websites from the birth of the network,

is constantly emerging, such as the recent foreign Mini City (, the domestic four words

gold (, and some millions of squares and so forth.

now, I have decided not to stand blindly for a while and set my mind to see what kind of function I can give to some Internet users, or which way I can attract the attention of some Internet users.

A little confused the sentiment,

didn’t talk rubbish, what logic.

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