Wang Jialun about my long three years Blog Road

when rumors of blogging are going to close, the idea that blogs are dead has spread to the Internet, and at the same time, when SNS is hot, it makes everyone think that blogs are out of date. But as a continuous three years writing the blog, the author insists that the blog in China is still in rapid development, failure is the reason comprehensive mode with the team, related to the blog application still have a brilliant future.

2005 blog just came out, the author began to write on the DONEWS platform blog, and their articles are often recommended home page or reprint. After the start of the earliest blog LBLOG blog system set up the domain name registration, after LBLOG stops updating for ZBLOG system has been updated to insist on my blog now, from the statistical view three years wrote a total of more than 400 articles, on average every three days a. Through personal blog, I know all the Internet colleagues from all over the country, and also through the blog, I personally have a certain reputation in the Internet industry. It will be a great help to my future work. At the same time, through the blog to become famous, find a job, find a start-up partner, find investors, such cases are countless.

blog, that is, network log, is to record personal mood on the Internet, diaries and reading summary. I think of him as a personal online business card, just as the enterprise through the establishment of enterprise web site, so that the outside world is easier to understand the enterprise. If you want to know someone, go to see his blog. Everyone has the need to express himself. Blog applications just meet this need. In the early 99 years when the NetEase provided free space, most people used the original purpose is to show personal hobbies and articles.

Most of the current application of blog

is similar to the BSP mode of, this pattern is simply to provide a space and a set of templates, convenient for users to log, it ignores another big Internet applications – dating. The existence of the Internet makes it possible for us to broaden our interpersonal networks and meet more like-minded friends. And BSP’s independent blog is relatively weak about how to make the blog closer to each other. Each blog is like a relatively independent island. It’s hard to link up. Many authors actively seek blogs with common interests, and then contact each other for QQ and become friends. Therefore, the emergence of SNS will let people feel the blog is outdated, but closed community mode SNS makes his personal center to become the current domestic network name card, for users of the SNS still regard him as a platform for making friends and gaming platform, so SNS is not possible for the blog.

if someone can provide a platform or tool to different BSP and independent blog linked to each other, I believe it will greatly improve the development of blog, especially to reduce the domain cost makes more and more independent blog, trackback is actually a very good connection between blog tools, but because he used up more trouble the problems and the arrival rate.

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