Yellow 5 years, sold online for five years adult supplies

1. Yellow 5 years – Fun shop those things

03 years from the beginning in January, up to now, 5 years from the hall, I a person, to the development of the 20 employees. Chunshuitang, is a fun shop name. In January 03, the name was born. At that time, still in the old section of the company, known as the village head of Zhongguancun, worked, when the passion had been exhausted, and knew that it was time for him to leave, so he began to plan the site.

next to the female colleagues turned over face said: chunshuitang? And jack heavy website. Bulkhead – immediately fainted like a few days name, actually, at that time, I only know A Gui, chunshuitang. Later, know that Taiwan is a famous teahouse, spring water. Many people first heard the name feel X L, ha ha, the river flows to the East, plus fun supplies in this industry, Lenovo is a rogue.

interviewed the Taiwan Zhongtian television station in 05 and asked the meaning of the name. I said, is intended to take on the word: love the first wind, blow a pond. I cited Yuanyang fragrant path, hand through Hong Rui let me happy… Most… A compliment, I have become the Chinese Academy of Sciences doctoral university students said: you entrepreneurs to create jobs, to contribute to the society, is the most real. Because it is a service industry, so many employees are young girls, at the end of the interview, always ask: do you have boyfriend? In fact tactfully asked: sexual experience? Because of the numerous times reported that female students encounter interview harassment, so, lest they be as one of the interview harassment. Because it’s a terrible thing for her and the company to have someone who has no sexual experience to do the spice industry.

08 years, the economy is in recession, a lot of friends doing business are in trouble, a lot of friends in work, where the enterprise is also in trouble. It is one of my great contributions to an employee who can maintain the employment of 20 people in the company. Inflation, recession, followed by the inevitable increase in unemployment. Yellow is one of the seven colors of nature. Yellow is yellow.

2. on the yellow boat – like these things,


91 years, freshman, the newspaper reported the first of stores the story of Adam and Eve, felt very fresh, unexpected, even in the heart sowed the seeds of.2000, was thrown out of the Internet bubble, when the company has 500 thousand, one of my partner & quot; you put the rest of the money and the computer away, " myself from evil mercenary world free, free to connect to the Internet to go to Internet cafes.

in the Internet bar removed after a month, finally the day before August 15, and the boss a "welcome to dispatch", let me in the 1 years after the return to entrepreneurial career. 1 years later, pay off personal debts, switch to Zhongguancun village head of the company, 1 years later, finally unable to endure, and then began to think, start it. Start thinking about what to do

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