On the future trend of WEB3.0 and SNS prediction network in the next 30 years


used to get up every morning to open the computer, the first thing is to open the webmaster community, accustomed to every day watching a group of people here shouting network development slogan, used to sneer at every title.

Comsenz before 4.21 UCM program is also the beta we are now talking about the concept of SNS, and a large crowd of people I argue that SNS’s real value lies, Dai Zhikang face the tide of criticism, published 5 years the owners of the road ", clarify the real development in the social network, a year ago, Dai Zhikang’s view of the community is the trend of network development.

After the release of

UCM, and indeed compared to the internal beta made changes, I am satisfied with this modification, but the use of the results and many webmaster, not satisfied, more often UCM became a webmaster personal show.

ECSHOP yesterday landing station, has been found in the guide Comsenz company website, in the product I discovered ECMALL, immediately check the relevant information to know that this is the upcoming release of the C2C multiuser mall system, after careful consideration of the strategic vision Comsenz click into place, admire.

for this article, one is to clarify the meaning of WEB3.0 real, two is to predict the demise of the campus network (SNS), three is the predicted network over the next 30 years to the point, perhaps with the public opinion is not the same, but it is not a war against the whole network of so-called critics, but a discussion.

I am a sophomore, I have considered immature, please forgive me.

one, networking and tools

remember when I was in high school, particularly obsessed with the station, what all don’t understand at that time, the first site is 2000X system, is actually a fool website, and 5D6D forum system now almost, but how much contact with some of the code, the first time to have a better understanding of the network, after serving in the college entrance examination a small network company, is the city forum, my job is to collect the City material, and these materials will be sent to the forum at the same time, there are hundreds of Ma3 jia3 participate in daily irrigation active atmosphere.

did not contact the program at that time, but saw the boss on the computer FTP file scene, I feel particularly mysterious, in the upcoming departure, and finally know the virtual host, but also know the DISCUZ program.

then, in less than two months, I learned how to build a website, and in September 2006 I set up a forum + blog community, the community that Dai Zhikang preached at that time.

this is the charm of tools, the emergence of the virtual host, so that low-cost sites have a prerequisite for investment, and a large number of source code and site procedures for the webmaster provides a practical tool available.

, now my friends are looking for me to be a station. I don’t charge for it. I can’t stop it. I’m looking for a source. I’ll go through it and make changes. It’s less than half a day, but a friend is right

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