Things that you don’t know about the web site (Part )

in the open source community, to build the site is no longer difficult things. What really makes webmaster friends feel stomach pain is how to operate the website. In fact, real website operations are everywhere. From the moment we started designing the web site, website operations have already started. Every thing we do for the website and the birth of each product, is for the website better operation, so as to realize the income. Then, in front of webmaster friends, the problem is how to operate and how to operate their own web site problems.

in view of this, the author decided to use two chapters to the website operation in those who have to pay attention to do a detailed introduction, hoping to give the confusion to the webmaster friends a little inspiration. This article is the first part, mainly introduces the direction of the development of the website. That is, in the planning of the site had to pay attention to the problem, which is also in the operation of the site have to pay attention to the problem. On the contrary, many webmaster friends have forgotten this point. Below, the author makes a detailed discussion on the direction of the development of the website.

website design early start, and make sure the future direction of the site. Is a good foundation for the operation of the site, its importance is self-evident. So, how to clear the direction of the site? How can we better for website operators to lay a solid foundation? Which was mainly from the following aspects: to begin their hobbies, clear user groups, clear market, cooperation and win-win.

, one’s own interests,


web site operators to talk about their hobbies? Is not when you see this point will feel confused? If it is, then to the. That’s the first of those things you don’t know about web operations. Why? You have not thought about, if you are on the website content, website for the point is not interested, so how can you try their best to make the website operation? Didn’t try my best to do one thing, then how will receive the ideal effect? Therefore, the author stressed the need for Web site operators above all: their own hobbies. Because, the operation of the website is omnipresent, from the moment that you produce to do a station, operation has already begun. In line with their own interests and hobbies, is an indispensable basic guarantee for the operation of the website.

two, clear user groups

yes, it’s a platitude. Perhaps, when you see this point, you have the urge to swear at people. That’s understandable, because this point doesn’t know how many people have talked about it, and it must be much better than what I said. However, a problem I would like to emphasize is: easy to say, but you have no time in the real operation site from the user’s point of view? Truly understand and make sure you need to face this user group is what? If you do all of this product can meet user this demand? > what you do

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